Travel with Confidence

Fans of group tours may have been giving thought to how they might travel differently post pandemic. If that’s you, you may like the look of the Travel with Confidence Plus Collection, a series of new small group tours that have been launched by G Adventures. Including 37 trips in 27 countries, the collection incorporates additional physical distancing measures and complements the company’s new Travel with Confidence policy, which outlines increased hygiene across all its tours. Guests can expect smaller group sizes, private transport and to be accommodated in their own room. Founder, Bruce Poon Tip says: “It’s our job to make sure we cater to all our travellers with trips that meet them where they’re at so we can get all our travellers out exploring the world again.” Whether you’re dreaming of sailing around Thailand’s islands, or exploring Iceland’s black sand beaches, we think you’ll find an itinerary to tickle your fancy.

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