Raffles Hotels has Drift Off

And so to bed.

It goes without saying that we want to return from a holiday feeling more rested than when we departed, and one hotel group is determined to ensure that this happens. As part of Raffles Hotels & Resorts’ wellbeing strategy, focusing on enabling guests to feel their emotional best during their stay, at four of their luxurious locations – Dubai, Makati, Seychelles and Europejski Warsaw – a series of slumber-inducing rituals have been introduced to help guests unwind and drift off peacefully.

The personalised sleep experiences include luxurious linen eye pillows and calming goodnight cards that encourage mindfulness and contentment; as well as a five-minute sand timer, engraved with guests’ personal details, to help them unwind before they drift off to sleep. And in partnership with luxury skincare brand Aromatherapy Associates, a unique Deep Relax oil – a blend of vetiver, sandalwood and chamomile – has been created to help calm the mind and alleviate the restlessness associated with jet lag.

Guests in premium and deluxe rooms will also receive a unique sleep kit and a menu of food items carefully selected to help ease the potentially stressful effects of travel. We’re suddenly feeling very sleepy.