The best things to see and do on a St. Barts yacht rental


The Best Things to See and Do on a St. Barts Yacht Rental

Words by Sophie Hampton

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A luxury crewed St. Barts yacht charter offers a stylish getaway in one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive destinations, boasting a blend of French sophistication and laid-back Caribbean living.

See and be seen at ultra-hip beach clubs and award-winning restaurants, or drop anchor at picturesque white sandy beaches accessible only by boat. This is the Caribbean destination of choice for VIPs, royalty, and celebrities alike. No wonder the island has been dubbed the St. Tropez of the Caribbean!

The water surrounding St. Barts is crystal-clear, making this a great destination for sun-seekers who want to make the most of their time on the water. Enjoy your luxury yacht charter’s multiple water toys, snorkel or dive vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, or simply soak up the sun aboard the privacy of your luxury yacht. Beyond the island of St. Barts lie the Leeward Islands in the French West Indies, offering a wonderful, varied selection of experiences and cultures to discover.

If you’re thinking about a luxury St. Barts boat rental, then read on. Here, we outline some of the best things to see and do on a private yacht charter.

St. Barts yacht rental


Drop-anchor at Gustavia
Gustavia is St. Bart’s elegant capital, and it’s here you’ll find designer boutiques and ultra-luxury jewellery stores, achingly hip nightclubs, and some of the island’s best gastronomic offerings, all wrapped around the city’s superyacht-friendly harbour. The capital is also a great spot to soak in the island’s unique cultural heritage, a sophisticated blend of both French and Swedish styles. Make sure you leave time to explore one of the city’s old forts, which offer a glimpse into St. Bart’s colonial past. You can also enjoy breathtaking island views.


Soak up the sun on Shell Beach
Shell Beach is a picturesque, sheltered cove that is a superb spot for swimming and sunbathing. It’s also a great spot to watch the sunset as it casts an ethereal glow over the Caribbean Sea. For an elegant beach day, have your yacht’s crew prepare a picnic for you on the beach. Alternatively, head to Do Brazil restaurant, a quirky Brazilian-inspired bar and eatery that is perched on the beach.

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Enjoy barefoot elegance at Nikki Beach
Nikki Beach is considered one of the island’s most exclusive beach clubs and is a must-visit during a St. Barts yacht rental. Enjoy oceanfront dining and warm Caribbean breezes from the club’s Saint-Jean beach location. Nikki Beach is known for combining the best music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film, and art into one ultra-exclusive destination. The impossibly blue waters lap a pristine white sandy beach, making this a great spot to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in unabashed style.


Sink beneath the waves

Whether you prefer floating on the waves as a snorkeller or are an experienced diver, St. Barts offers a wonderful selection of dive sites to explore, including stunning coral reefs, canyons, and shipwrecks. The crystal-clear waters ensure excellent visibility, while the vibrant marine life and healthy coral reefs – protected by the island’s Marine Reserve since 1996 – make exploring below the waves a must during a St Barts boat rental. Indeed, St. Bart’s robust marine protection orders make its underwater ecosystem one of the most dynamic in the Caribbean. Some of the best dive sites include Pain de Sucre, Rockefeller Point, and Baril de Boeuf. For wrecks, the trawler Kayali and the luxury 200 ft yacht Nonstop, which sank during a hurricane, both offer a fascinating dive experience. Of course, your luxury yacht charter’s crew will also have in-depth knowledge of under-the-radar snorkelling and diving destinations.

If you want to enjoy a luxury St. Barts yacht rental, then contact a reputable private yacht charter brokerage. They will not only have access to the finest crewed charter yachts but will also boast in-depth knowledge of the island of St. Barts and be able to curate an incredible charter itinerary designed just for you.