The best secret destinations on a luxury yacht charter in Australia & New Zealand

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A yacht charter exploring the South Pacific offers an otherworldly experience with stunning natural anchorages, breathtaking scenery, fascinating sites and attractions, and rich cultural heritage.

Australia and New Zealand are growing in popularity with yachting enthusiasts seeking some of the most picturesque cruising waters in the world, coupled with a wonderful mix of attractions to suit all. But where do you cruise when you want to escape the crowds on a luxury yacht charter in Australia and New Zealand?

If you’re considering a not-to-be-forgotten holiday on the water, then read on. Here we explore two of the best secret Down Under destinations to drop anchor at for those seeking to escape the crowds and re-connect with nature aboard a luxury crewed yacht charter in the South Pacific.


Luxury yacht charter Australia: Kimberley

Located on Australia’s northwest coast, Kimberley is considered one of the world’s most precious wilderness regions and is ideally suited to ocean dreamers and nature enthusiasts seeking peace and solitude. This stunningly remote region is best explored by yacht, where charterers will be rewarded with never-ending rugged landscapes, majestic waterfalls, rushing gorges, and romantic beach towns.

Drop anchor in the seaside town of Broome during your luxury yacht charter in Australia, where you’ll find endless white sandy beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean and flanked by stunning red-hued cliffs. Make sure you leave time to enjoy a sunset camel ride along the beach for a unique not-to-be-forgotten experience!

The area of Broome is rich in Aboriginal history, and you’ll find several Aboriginal art galleries, ideal for finding unique keepsakes, as well as the fascinating Broome Historical Museum, which details the region’s historical past, including its pearling industry. Don’t forget to sample some of the local Broome beer at Matso’s Brewery!

Plan for a cruise to Kimberley’s Horizontal Falls, a natural wonder where two large bays empty and fill through a pair of narrow gorges with an incredible 10-metre rise and fall in the tide.

Finally, head to Montgomery reef, the world’s largest ironshore reef, which spans 400-square kilometres and boasts spectacular wildlife, including green sea turtles. The ironshore reef is considered a breathtaking natural wonder of the world that exposes its marine ecosystem as the tide drops – a unique natural phenomenon that is a must-see.


Luxury yacht charter New Zealand: Dusky Sound

Cruise this stunning fjord in southwest New Zealand and reconnect with nature at its finest. A New Zealand yacht charter around Dusky Sound is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquillity.

The area boasts more than 300 islands spanning some 25 miles and is where Captain Cook spent four weeks on his second voyage in 1773. Indeed, many islands still bear the name that Captain Cook gave them – such as Resolution Island, declared New Zealand’s finest nature reserve, home to forests, wetlands, and towering mountains. Much of the area is impossible to access via land, making a private yacht charter the only way to explore this fascinating destination and its dreamy scenery.

Enjoy all your yacht charter’s tenders and toys to explore Dusky Sound’s stunning coastline or explore the interior with guided walks through the rainforest, filled with exotic birds and plant species. Look out for the endangered Crested Fiordland penguin, mottled petrels, fur seals, and brand-billed prions.

Ensure you leave time to check out Astronomer’s Point, where Captain Cook’s crew cleared an acre of forest and set up an observatory – the most accurate in the world at the time – to get a proper star reading.

Which of these stunning secret destinations will you pick for your next yacht charter in Australia and New Zealand?