Discover the best things to see and do in Zurich

Known primarily as one of Switzerland’s top banking centres, Zurich can have somewhat of a staid reputation in the minds of many travellers. This status has only been reinforced in films, documentaries and news reports, which portray this city as a place of calm streets where ranks of businesspeople, perhaps bankers, dressed in sober-coloured suits, move about in an orderly fashion.

Yet, as actual visitors to this historic city have discovered over the years, this image of Zurich is incomplete at best and could even be considered to be wholly inaccurate. In fact, far from being a drab, serious place solely focused on finance, this city is brimming over with often surprising charms and unforgettable attractions. Indeed, those travellers who have spent any amount of time exploring this elegant spot, set on the banks of the vast blue Lake Zurich, often find themselves being drawn back again and again.

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Here are just three of the many highlights Zurich has to offer.

Zurich Film Festival

Each year, as autumn begins to turn the leaves vibrant shades of gold, red and orange, Zurich puts on a film festival renowned the world over for its creativity, its dedication to fostering promising new talent and its high-quality cinematic entrants.

The heart of the Zurich Film Festival, affectionately known as ZFF, is Bellevue, conveniently located on the shores of Lake Zurich. In addition, films are screened at the Corso, Arthouse Le Paris and Piccadilly cinemas. The 14th annual Zurich Film Festival took place this October. The roster of films was particularly strong and thought provoking. Some of the 2017 high points of this highly respected event included an interview with Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States turned environmental crusader, and the premiere of Menashe, a film that revealed a stunning and extremely rare look at life inside an Orthodox Jewish community.


Old Town (Altstadt)

Wander through the narrow cobblestoned passageways of Zurich’s venerable and beautiful Old Town or Altstadt. Drink in centuries and centuries of history, glimpsed in differing styles of architecture that have sometimes become layered upon one another with the passage of time. Take in glimpses of some sections of this truly “old” part of Zurich that dates back to the Roman era and move forward through the Middle Ages all the way up to the present.

Take photos of stately 19th century buildings. Trek up sharply inclined streets to Lindenhof Park, where you’ll be able to feast your eyes on views of Zurich spread out majestically below. Browse through opulent shops for luxury goods that will palpably remind you of your stay. Pick out your favourite café or elegant restaurant from the selection that lines the thoroughfares of this picturesque neighbourhood. Then sit back, relax and savour a fine meal, a rich coffee or a perfectly chilled glass of wine.


Chagall Windows at Fraumünster Church

Discover a hidden treat destined to delight art lovers when you make your way inside the deceptively modest looking environs of the Fraumünster Church, nestled in the midst of Zurich’s Old Town. Make your way through the hushed building to the choir, and gaze with wonder at a set of five breathtakingly beautiful stained glass windows.

Created by famed Russian-French 20th-century artist, Marc Chagall, these vividly hued windows soar dramatically upwards, towards the high ceilings, filling the entire chapel with ethereal, multi-coloured light. Spend as long as you like contemplating these in-situ masterpieces, each of which vividly recounts a different biblical tale.