Visit Grasse: A Delightful Day Trip From Cap d'Antibes

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One of the many joys of staying on the French Riviera is venturing inland to all the beautiful medieval towns and villages that nestle among the hilltops.  During a day trip from Cap d’Antibes, you could visit the capital of perfume, Grasse, and stroll around its extensive old town, indulge in a wonderful lunch, and even create your very own perfume over a glass of Champagne.

Visit the capital of perfume during a day trip from Cap d’Antibes
Why not start your day trip from Cap d’Antibes with a stroll around Grasse’s medieval old town, one of the most extensive in Provence?  Do a spot of shopping at the daily market in the main arcaded square, pop into the 12th century Cathedral Notre-Dame-du-Puy-de-Grasse, which contains three paintings by the famous Rubens, and visit the town hall next door which has a lovely interior courtyard and decorative fountain, with fantastic views across the town centre.

Enjoy a delicious lunch
During your day trip from Cap d’Antibes, you’ll want to enjoy a spot of lunch, and the old town is teeming with lively restaurants, among which Les Délicatesses de Grasse, La Fleur de Lys and Lou Pignatoun are popular choices.  Alternatively, for a special treat, try the One-Michelin-star La Bastide St-Antoine, just a short drive south of the town centre.

Create your very own perfume
When you visit the capital of perfume, why not take the opportunity to create your very own perfume, unique to you?  Since the late 18th century Grasse has been at the heart of a hugely successful perfume industry, with its warm and sheltered microclimate ideal for flower production. In fact, Grasse produces over two-thirds of France’s natural aromas, with some 27 tons of jasmine alone harvested every year. Founded in 1747, the Galimard perfumery has created a Studio des Fragrances, where the secrets of perfume making are revealed.  Be sure to book a private appointment at their atelier, where the Maître-Parfumeur, or ‘Nose’ will work with you to create your very own signature scent. Over a glass of Champagne, learn about the architecture of a good perfume, with its Top, Middle and Base Notes, and be guided through the creation of your own unique fragrance, working with over 2000 rare essential oils. The process takes between 3-4 hours. Depending on the package you choose during your day trip from Cap d’Antibes, you will receive either a 100ml bottle personalised either with your name of the perfume name of your choice, or a Coffret Privilège comprising 30ml Extrait de Parfum, 100ml Eau de Parfum and matching body lotion and shower gels. Your unique perfume formula will also be recorded so that you can re-order it whenever you like, as a Parfum, Eau de Parfum, body lotion or shower gel.

A visit to the capital of perfume makes for a wonderful day trip from Cap d’Antibes, so why not look out for villas for rent near Grasse, so that you can enjoy all that this special city has to offer, and even create your very own scent?