Discover the Top Stargazing Spots on Your Alaska Yacht Charter

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An Alaskan yacht charter is a bucket list adventure for many people – and for good reason. Alaska’s oceans have pristine dark skies, offering the perfect viewing conditions to take in the beauty of the Milky Way, satellites, and the visceral glow of the Andromeda Galaxy 2 million light-years away. With most of Alaska surrounded by vast, untouched nature, finding a top spot to stargaze outside of the city lights is a simple task on a luxury yacht charter.

Whether you are looking to view the constellations from the top of a mountain or soak up the beauty of the night sky from your yacht hot tub, here are some of the top locations to visit to see Alaska’s best constellations.

Denali National Park and Preserve, Fairbanks

Considered Alaska’s crown jewel, Denali National Park and Preserve is one of the best destinations to admire the beauty of the Milky Way during your luxury yacht charter. Located outside Fairbanks, Denali contains six million acres of nearly-untouched land, lake and mountains. With very little artificial light, make sure to keep an eye out for Draco – the dragon – a circumpolar constellation visible in the northern hemisphere all year round. Moose, caribou, sheep, wolves, bear and deer are just some of the native wildlife you may encounter, so travel with a guide or stick to marked trails.

Enjoy stunning views across the Nenana River into Denali National Park from virtually anywhere on the grounds, as well as river rafting, flightseeing and dog sledging before winding down on your yacht charter in the evening.

Flattop Mountain, Anchorage

If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind mountain view on your stargazing adventure, Flattop Mountain near Anchorage is the place to go. Moore up at Port of Anchorage and hike the 1.5-mile steep foot trail to the rocky, football field-sized summit and take in the panoramic views from Denali to the Aleutian Islands. With minimal light pollution, look out for the circumpolar constellation Cepheus, the king.

While you will see mesmerizing constellations at every angle, one of the most breathtaking sights to see has to be the aurora borealis with its swirls of green, blue, yellow, or pink dancing across the night sky. Stay warm in your yacht hot tub on a cloudless night and admire the beauty above.

Point Woronzof, Anchorage

Perched on a northwest-facing mountain, 120 feet above Knik Arm, Point Woronzof is one of the best stargazing spots in Anchorage. Renowned for its excellent beach access and a great view of Denali, the location is wide open to the northern sky. As Point Woronzof’s landscape is sloped, visitors are well-shielded from light pollution. Here you will have unparalleled views of the galaxy to the west and north, just four miles away from a significant urban glow to the east. Upon your visit, look out for the constellation Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia. If you are lucky, you can also witness tantalising displays of the Northern lights flicker across the sky.

Venture a little further for the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Here, you will get even more protection from light pollution. However, keep an eye out for moose!

Beluga Point, Anchorage

Located 20 minutes south of Anchorage, Beluga Point offers exceptional views of the Kenai Mountains and the vast tidal flats of the Turnagain Arm fiord. It is also one of the best places to watch for bore tides and beluga whales during the day. The point is situated around the corner from Anchorage’s urban glow, delivering a grand display of the famed Big Dipper and the green glow of the aurora. Beluga Point is a must-see on your Alaskan yacht charter, with great photographic potential of the icy sea, snow-capped mountains and mesmerizing sky.

Of course, you needn’t step on dry land to witness the wonder of the night sky. For stargazing aficionados, experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Alaskan sky aboard SUMMERTIME II, a 35.4-meter motor yacht suitable for up to 8 guests across four well-appointed cabins. Loaded with the finest amenities, including a hot tub, swim platforms, kayaks, a BBQ, and comfortable lounging and dining areas, guests are guaranteed a pristine charter experience.

Which constellation are you most excited about seeing on your Alaska luxury yacht charter?