A Natural Winner

Award-winning Inkaterra has been pioneering ecotourism and sustainable development in Peru for more than 40 years, and this month they’ve got some exciting news: for the first time ever, they’ll be opening the doors to their Field Station, which was originally designed as a research centre and training camp for guides, to offer eco-conscious guests a whole new holiday experience. Located in the Tambopata National Reserve, the property will invite travellers to explore the rainforest through participation in various conservation projects, overseen by Inkaterra’s NGO, the Inkaterra Asociación (ITA). These will range from quarter-day trips to five-day itineraries, exploring the agriculture, farming and horticulture at Gamitana Model Farm and Bio-Orchard, and local wildlife diversity on the Canopy Walkway and at River Island. Accommodation is in private cabanas or shared-living pavilions, and the restaurant will serve healthy local fare. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a holiday that can make a real difference.

Rates start from $320 for a four-night/five-day itinerary (inkaterra.com)