Wellbeing: All White on the Night

Is it summer yet? We’re impatient, to say the least; even if things don’t turn out to be quite as free as hoped – there’s something about feeling the sun on our faces that makes everything seem that bit better. In the absence of guaranteed sunshine, we’re turning to a new vitamin IV concierge service – available in the comfort of our own homes, no less – to help us thrive. Intravenous vitamin therapy efficiently provides the body and cells with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs, all delivered directly into the bloodstream. And because White Night’s very own team of ‘White Knights’ are also qualified medical professionals, they can still come riding to the rescue (in full PPE, naturally) during lockdown. Their consummate professionalism means that the whole process is utterly stress-free, even for those who feel slightly wobbly around needles. The B12 Booster Shot is our favourite little ray of sunshine, giving an instant dose of vitamin B12, to strengthen, energise and restore, leaving us feeling ready to face the day, refreshed and whole. And there are a host of other options available, too, from The Mother of All Antioxidants, a treatment fuelled by glutathione, our protector and guardian of cells, to The Recovery IV Drip, an instant dose of hydration made from a clever blend of vitamins and amino acids. The perfect rescue remedy.

Home visits cost £50, with treatments priced from £40 for the B12 Shot. For more details, see whitenightlondon.co.uk