The Ultimate Make-Up Brush Cleaner by Stylpro

This Stylpro beauty gadget will change your life!

Big Night planned? Before you dip into that new make-up, give your tools some thought. We’re guessing it’s been a while since you washed them, and hey, we’re not judging; us too. Who wants to wait for days while they dry? It seems a shame to mess up that pristine palette with a dirty brush though.

Step up StylPro, a nifty device that promises to give brushes of all persuasions a thorough wash, and blow-dry them (with no damaging heat) in a matter of seconds, to boot. And it works. Simply mix a little of the cleanser with water, place in the dish, select the right size of attachment for your brush then lower it into the liquid and watch as all the grime spins away. Afterwards, slowly lift the brush out while still spinning to allow it to dry off. Magic. Weekly brush cleaning is now part of our routine. £39.99. Stockists include Boots  and