Turn Back Time with Germaine de Capuccini

Established in 1964, Germaine de Capuccini is responsible for some of the most important breakthroughs in skincare technology over the past few years.  Many of their products are designed to treat not just a specific skin concern but also a specific skin type ensuring you get the right results from your skincare. The natural ingredients are ethically sourced, with moves to becoming carbon-neutral.  Certified as the first professional skincare company committed to  compensating and reducing CO2 emissions, if this isn’t enough to tempt you, it’s great to hear that nothing is ever tested on animals either.

Offering a new Vitamin C facial at The Landmark Hotel, I’m really keen to see if it can live up to the company’s back story. Vitamin C is such a buzz word in skincare these days so I’m interested to see what advances have been made in this beauty technology. The facial promises unprecedented luminosity for healthy skin and unsurpassed revitalising results. Suffering from hyper-pigmentation and a definite decline in collagen I’m hoping it lives up to the hype.

I always enjoy a trip to a luxury hotel, even if I’m not lucky enough to be staying there, and The Landmark doesn’t disappoint.  Heading down in the lift to the spa I feel positively zen-like the moment I meet Gina, the head trainer for Germaine de Capuccini. The facial begins, as all good facials should, by being prone on a comfy heated bed. Gina gives me what she calls the ‘welcome touch’ where she uses a hot stone to go over my arms and legs and shoulders. After a thorough cleanse she applies a 10% lacto bionic peel, which sounds scary but actually just feels a little tingly. 10% ferulic acid comes next (another great active ingredient for turning back time on your face) followed by a Vitamin C sheet mask. While this is working wonders on my skin a foot massage distracts me in the nicest possible way. Feeling cocooned, the final products are applied to my face with an orange massage ball. This helps the products to really penetrate the skin and to release tension around the face.  I lose all sense of time and space and nod off several times. Once I’ve been gently persuaded it’s time to get off the bed, I can see my face looks lifted and fresh. I walk away, or should that be float, clutching some new products to try at home and I can safely say that the hype is real.

Duration of treatment: 60 mins, £85, suitable for any age. germaine-de-capuccini.co.uk