Top to Toe - Christmas Beauty Prep Tips

It’s not too late to get yourself prepped for Christmas. Whether you plan to spend it all under a duvet with a box of Celebrations, or you’re going to be out in your best sequins, there’s no harm in a bit of self-care before the big day is upon us.

You may as well start at the top, with your roots to be precise. Many people, more than ever in fact, are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, due to a number of reasons such as stress, pregnancy, the menopause, extensions use or illness.  It’s a subject not often spoken about and one that affects so many different people, across all ages and genders. The Roots Professional range is split into four categories – shampoos, conditioners, treatments and topicals. The five topicals; Founders Formula, Care Topical Therapy, D-Stress, Power Extensions and Power Up have been developed to cover many issues and include an unprecedented level of ingredients which helps to create a healthy follicle, stimulate it, and then encourages growth.

Available from

Roots Professional Hair

Moving down, let’s get to the face. The world is your oyster these days and there is a wealth of non-invasive treatments to choose from. Injectables, facials, scientific  skincare products, permanent make up, what a time to be alive!

Croma Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

If your frown is getting you down, visit The Cranley Clinic, on Harley Street, for an appointment with Dr Beatriz Molina; a highly experienced cosmetic doctor, a fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and winner of numerous aesthetic industry awards including “Practitioner of the Year” in 2017. If that’s not enough, she’s also a really lovely, warm person who will instantly put you at ease.  The clinic offers a multitude of treatments, one of them being the Croma wrinkle relaxing treatment, perfect for that tricky ‘eleven’ between your brows or to give some lift around the eyes.

Dr Molina Cranley Clinic

Croma Mask

Professional skincare for use at home, the Croma pure HA® is a highly concentrated liquid skin mask, containing  a whopping 1.8% of hyaluronic acid to smooth, moisturise and revitalise your skin while boosting its natural hydration. The minimalist formulation contains the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is a silky, lightweight texture suitable for all skin types. Apply a HA booster onto your cleansed face 1-2 times per week and rinse-off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

Croma pure HA Liquid Skin Mask with 1.8% hyaluronic acid, (4 masks) £75.00 is available to buy at

Croma pure HA

OMNI Skincare and Treatment

For a facial that gives you a deep clean as well as a lift, try the OMNI Sensation Facial Treatment at EF Medispa – a non-invasive facial using OMNI Skincare, alongside needle-free Carboxy Therapy, CO2 and Cryo to leave the skin feeling energised and strengthened. Formulated by Esther Fieldglass, Founder of EF Medispa, this treatment uses products from her NEW OMNI Skincare range, and you can buy these to use at home too.

Designed for those experiencing change in the skin, whether that be seasonal shifts, hormone imbalance or menopause, this treatment is tailored to each individual, providing everything your skin needs to look bright and radiant, as well as calming, balancing and energising. It’s like a mixture of science and beauty therapy with a dose of magic, all delivered by experienced, friendly therapists.

Products can be purchased here and the treatment is £275 and available exclusively at EF Medispa Kensington


Blue Lagoon Skincare

Blue Lagoon – Blue Lagoon skincare is the product of years of research into the natural benefits of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal pool formed in volcanic aquifers where freshwater and seawater mix under searing heat and immense pressure. Bathers in the 1970s noted the water made their skin smoother and calmer, most notably alleviating psoriasis, and research has shown that the Blue Lagoon’s silica stimulates the skin’s protective barrier functions to seal in moisture and nutrients, while blocking out environmental assailants and its microalgae help spur skin’s fibroblasts to generate strong, healthy collagen. With serums and moisturisers, you can set your skin up for whatever this winter decides to throw at it!



The innovative Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift system is the world’s fastest lash lift treatment. It is a two step process that only takes between 20-30 minutes and opens the eyes to give the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes that lasts up to 8 weeks, providing much less maintenance than eyelash extensions.We recommend the Everlasting Academy on Wimpole Street in Mayfair. Just a short walk from Oxford Street, it’s ideally placed for a lunchtime/post-shop appointment and the perfect treatment if you want to avoid those bleary mascara-streaked mornings.

Everlasting Permanent Make Up Academy, 25 Wimpole Street, London


Skinny Tan Drops

Create a customisable golden glow with the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum Face Tanning Drops. The radiance-boosting drops work to enhance your everyday skincare routine, transforming your favourite moisturiser into a bespoke self-tanner. Enriched with a potent blend of hyaluronic acid, coconut water, organic vitamin E and organic blackberry leaf extract, the formula helps to promote a luminous, radiant-looking complexion. Perfect for delivering a sun-kissed finish, which at this time of the year we all badly need!

Wonder Serum Face Wonder Drops, RRP £19.99

Tanning drops


The final flourish, and the key to feeling well groomed is to paint your nails. One of the easiest, quick fixes guaranteed to elevate your look and make you feel, well, polished in every way. One of our festive faves is this range, Mii Christmas Nail CollectionCrowning Glory:  • Ruby Shine: A shimmery, cranberry red • Hidden Treasure: A glitzy gold • Diamond Chip: A metallic silver • Family Heirloom: A vibrant, shimmery blue • Emerald Studded: A glittery, rich, holly green • Onyx: A jet, cream black.

All available from RRP £13.50 fr 14ml. All polishes come in 9ml handbag size for emergency repairs @ £9.00