We Love: This is Silk

Think you’re too busy to treat your tresses? Think again – the most effective frizz control system we’ve come across actually works while you sleep.

Local barrister Sonal Keay’s silk pillowcases have something of a cult following, with fans devoted to their anti-ageing benefits. And now she’s introduced luxurious hair wraps to her collection. “Given that our hair is made out of the same substance as our skin (keratin) it makes sense that silk has many benefits for our hair, too,” she says.

This is silk

Unlike chemicals, which challenge the hair shaft and cuticles, like sulphates do, silk has a natural synergy with our hair and complements and nourishes it, which is why you find it in miniscule amounts in premium shampoos and conditioners. Silk used in this way is beneficial for the hair as it fills the gaps where keratin has been damaged, but it is ultimately a product which is washed off. The real benefits come from wrapping hair in silk each night.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try. You’ll experience fewer tangles, less greasy roots, and your hair will be stronger and shinier. Talk about a hair hero.

£39.99 (thisissilk.com)