The Whiteley Clinic

Having spent many summer months hiding my legs away because of unsightly thread veins, I decided to stop dithering and research how to get rid of those bad boys for good. I’d tried creams and even laser treatments in the past, to no effect (just a negative one on my bank balance). A new approach was clearly needed and The Whiteley Clinic came highly recommended. It’s run by the charming and extremely knowledgeable Professor Whiteley and was recently judged ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission, so I knew I’d be in safe hands. They offer a personal approach for every client and are top of their field for research. My treatment programme started with a thorough ultrasound scan of my veins, to highlight the problem deeper veins that needed to be treated first. This was followed by an ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy. In other words – and there’s no point sugar-coating this – I had foam injected into my problem veins and then my legs firmly compressed with bandages and some (not) very attractive compression stockings. I had to wear these for two weeks; eight weeks later I went back for some micro-sclerotherapy, which was the final treatment. The theory behind this approach is that if you only treat the visible veins without tackling the deeper ones causing the problem, then you’ll never be fully rid of them. The treatment itself was uncomfortable, but over very quickly and made much more bearable by the amusing banter between Professor Whiteley and his friendly staff. Wearing the stockings was also annoying, but all for the greater good as I now, finally, have legs that I’m ready to show off.

The Whiteley Clinic, One Chapel Place, London, W1 (020 3757 7180; Prices and treatment list can be found on the website