Style it out at STIL

STIL is everything a hair salon should be: friendly, knowledgeable, fashionable, award-winning, serves amazing coffee. Situated in Westbourne Grove, STIL opened last year and has fast become a popular style-stop for locals, as well as a well-worth-the-trip salon for those a little further afield. I went in with a head full of dreams of golden locks (and in reality very dark roots) and had a detailed consultation with both Christel Lundqvist the founder and creative director, and Craig Clark the colour director. Between them they have won a host of awards for their technical and style know-how. Not the usual 30 second chat about colour that I’ve been party to in the past, this was a pantone-checking, skin and eye matching chat bordering on the scientific, combined (thankfully) with some photos of gorgeous models with great hair, which I could fully get behind. Yes yes, make me look like her I nodded, jabbing my finger at various stunning magazine images.

Settling back in my chair with my aforementioned lovely coffee, a bowl of almonds and with Bertie the salon ‘top dog’ pottering about making me feel even more relaxed, Craig set to work. He used a balayage technique (painting on the colours by hand with a brush, meaning no harsh lines like you can often get with standard highlights) using three shades of blonde to give me a sun-kissed natural colour, which will allow my roots to grow out in a way that means fewer trips to the salon (an oxymoron really for any salon, to encourage clients to come back less often!) This is part of the charm of STIL though; not feeling any pressure, to be reassured throughout the whole process and to want to come back. Once my colour had been washed out (complete with relaxing head massage) Christel gave me a chop, again explaining what would suit my face shape, and offering plenty of style tips to take away with me. I’ve already persuaded my mum to give up her regular salon and move to STIL, and I’m definitely going back to try out some new autumnal shades come October.

2A Chepstow Road, London, W2 5BH, 020 7243 1521