Wave Goodbye to Your Double-Chin

On trial: Strawberry Lift.

A new chin is at the top of my (admittedly extensive) wish list. All I see in photos is a double chin and rather saggy jowls, as the lower part of my face seems to want to head south. I’m the first to snap up any new potion that claims to tighten and tone, and I’m often found contorting my face into strange expressions that are supposed to work facial muscles, all, sadly, with no success. When I hear about a non-invasive procedure that promises to rid me of the fat and tighten up the sag, I sign up pronto.

Strawberry Lift’ is the world’s first laser treatment specifically for double chins. I’m sold on the claim that it takes just 12 minutes, doesn’t hurt and won’t require any time off work. So many treatments claim to be a ‘lunchtime’ solution, but this really is just that.

After my skin is cleaned, I don some attractive goggles, then a laser machine is tucked under my chin to work its magic. Fat cells beneath the skin are penetrated by a non-invasive laser and their content is removed through lymphatic drainage (without disrupting neighbouring nerves or blood vessels). It feels a little warm but isn’t unpleasant.

The next stage involves a thermal ultrasound gadget that’s used on the neck, jowls and chin. The focused acoustic energy creates a wound healing response resulting in the formation of new collagen, to lift and tighten the skin. Simple(ish)! I notice a distinct improvement after my first treatment, although four treatments are recommended. With no pain and no scarring – or even redness – keeping my chin up is now a cinch!

Strawberry Lift is available in various clinic locations across London including Royal Garden Hotel Health Club in Kensington. A course of 4 treatments is priced at £1,500 (strawberry-laser.com)