Review: Skin Loft

Skin Loft Salon

Review: Skin Loft

At this time of the year, when the weather is icy and the novelty of Dry January has worn off already, what could be better than an hour stretched out on a bed being pampered?

Words by Becky Pomfret

Skin Loft Interior Skin Loft Interior

I’m heading to Skin Loft, a tranquil clinic situated near Olympia. Founded by Daiva Kamysova, a renowned Facialist and Cosmetologist, Skin Loft offers bespoke beauty treatments, individually tailored to provide both physical and emotional benefits. These include professional-grade facials, exfoliation, body sculpting treatments, manicures, pedicures, brow and lash treatments and Daiva’s renowned Signature Face Sculpting Buccal Massage. I’ve tried this before; it’s an intense facial massage performed inside the mouth, and I’m convinced just one session revealed never seen before cheekbone definition!

This time I’m here for  JetPeelTM – a ground-breaking alternative method of micro-needling without the needle. It is a non-invasive transdermal treatment that uses jet pressure energy to generate fine, misty, high-velocity jet streams of liquid micro-droplets combined with air that gently impact the skin at subsonic speeds to treat various skin issues. The jet streams contain nutritive micro-droplets that travel below the skin surface and act on the dermal layers to provide visible results. JetPeelTM combines the benefits of lymphatic drainage, extractions, dermabrasion and microneedling in a customizable touch free treatment with zero downtime to leave your skin instantly hydrated and glowing. It’s great for literally any kind of skin condition and can help with enlarged pores, fine lines, puffiness to name just a few. It’s also a great way to deliver goodies such as hyaluronic acid deep into the dermal layers for instant hydration.

Skin Loft Salon Treatment JetPeel Facial and Skin Soft Treatment Room

Daiva, who hails from Lithuania, has always been on the ball when it comes to new equipment and treatments, and she came across this on a recent trip home and was so impressed with its results that she determined to become one of the first to bring it to the UK. It’s a pain-free experience but does take some getting used to, particularly when it feels like your nose it being jet-washed, so it pays to work out the best time to breathe in! She applies an intense mask afterwards and lets me relax for 15 minutes before peeling it off and revealing a super shiny new me. My skin looks visibly lifted and relaxed and probably never cleaner. I can see why this treatment is also popular on the scalp as it’s apparently incredibly satisfying seeing what all our haircare treatments leave behind in residue being removed. Think I’ll definitely need to make that my next appointment.

Many of Daiva’s clients are high profile celebrities but she’s far too discreet to say who, despite my prompting! As she says “I entered the beauty industry to understand how to deal with the causes of skin and beauty problems and not just to cover them up. My treatments are designed to help women, and men, who want to learn how to look after themselves, treat and care for their skin in a healthy way and boost both their inner and outer beauty.” Can’t argue with that!