The Science of Sleep

The older we get, we are more and more reminded of one of life’s crueller ironies: that the more parties attended, toasts raised, dawns danced – in short, the more fun had – the worse we look. In this, the final furlong of party season, the weeks of revelry are catching up with us, and dark circles, pallid complexions and deepened lines have become de rigeur. Hardly the accessories we planned to don along with our gay apparel.

But what to do, with New Year’s Eve fast approaching and when finding time for an emergency facial is just not an option? The answer: make what little downtime you do have work harder. Enter perennial Fabric favourite brand La Prairie, and their super-luxe Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask. Like giving yourself the gift of time in a jar, apply before bedtime (whatever time that may be) and while you catch some much needed Zs, let it work its magic; deep moisturising, noticeable lifting and natural exfoliation courtesy of enzyme technology, all of which leave your skin smoother, softer and brighter – and you back to your sparkling best. If that isn’t the very epitome of smart self-gifting, we don’t know what is. £204, available at Selfridges