A new era in hairdressing


Opened in October 2017, SALON64 is bringing hairdressing into a new era, by actually stepping back in time. Named after the first ever hair salon born in Paris in 1764, this salon is as far away from old-fashioned as can be. Back in the 16th Century,  women would gather in a room in a residential house in order to have their bouffant made extra bouffy and to mingle with a fashionable crowd. Fast-forward to now and we have SALON64 which is aiming to offer a similar friendly and sociable atmosphere.

Social hub

The idea is that the salon is a social hub; somewhere to go to have your hair done by a top stylist, (or your nails in the nail bar downstairs) but also to have a coffee or something stronger before or after your appointment, or indeed just to hang out. You can even pop in after work to plug your phone in, borrow some tongs and do your make up before going out for dinner, using cleverly designed lift-up trays revealing a mirror and plug sockets!


Style throughout

On the day of my appointment it’s a typical day in London in the spring. It’s chucking it down, complete with hurricane-strength winds. SALON64 is a warm haven of snugness, decorated in tones of gold with a fire pit adding to the cosiness. I’m settled in with an excellent coffee (the coffee machines here would equal any Soho café) and my colourist Camilla comes over to chat. We decide that as it’s (supposed to be) almost summer, it’s time to go a bit blonder. With a mixture of balayage and highlights, I’m delighted with my new brighter, sun-kissed look.

The salon even offers different lighting over the sinks in the backwash so that your new colour can be carefully examined in daylight, night-time, dim dismal rainy day-time, to make extra sure you’re not going to step out of the salon and have a shock when you look in a different mirror. This attention to detail is continued in every aspect of the SALON64 experience.

In the basement there are comfy chairs and packed bookcases, encouraging partners to come and hang out too while they wait, as well as a private styling area should you be so ‘A list’ you don’t want to be spotted. Being only ‘B list’ myself I was happy to hang out with the other, frankly far more fashionable clientele!


The salon’s founder is Ricky Wilson. At only 26 years old and already a top London stylist he has taken the world of hairdressing by storm. He has quickly built a reputation for creating chic and modern hair styles for some of the world’s biggest international superstars and actors, including Sandra Bullock and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And now me. I’m in good hands as he’s very friendly and warm and cuts my hair in order to make it look longer.  Sounds counter intuitive but actually seems to work, and the layers he adds to my fine hair add much-needed volume. A few weeks later and I’m still very happy with the way it’s growing out.

Salon64 is setting out its stall very nicely and does seem to have found a gap in the market. Instead of getting ready in the loos at work before wandering around town on your own, waiting to meet a friend, head here first to have a drink while you do your make up (or even better, have a blow-dry), do a spot of networking and charge your phone!

www.salon64.co.uk  To book email: Bookings@salon64.co.uk or call 020 3848 4130.

14 Bateman Street, London, W1D 3AG

Salon Photography by Francesco Russo http://www.russofrancesco.com/