Review: The Bradden Method Boost

Sarah Bradden appears to possess magical powers: she can tell simply by inspecting my tongue that I have just ovulated. A fact that I need to perform some quick mental maths to verify. And she suspects that – underneath my floaty smocked midi dress – it is causing me to suffer from bloating. It is, though I hadn’t made the connection.

Cosmetic acupuncturist and founder of the Bradden Method, Sarah – who works exclusively from a beautiful space in Hershesons Belgravia – is one of London’s most sought-after holistic therapists. Her bespoke approach is a highly effective form of biohacking that combines cutting-edge medical wellness technologies, cosmetic acupuncture and emotional healing to help clients to achieve and maintain optimal health, prevent and reverse signs of ageing, and promote a positive state of mind. A spiritual reset and facelift rolled into one, if you will. The original treatment is 90 minutes long, but a new Boost treatment offers all the benefits in half the time. It sounds too good to be true.

As I settle in for the treatment, we chat about my physical health and current mental state. I am extra stressed today, having had to navigate unexpected tube strikes to get here on time – the supremely comfortable chair, covered in a toasty heated pad, is already helping to make me feel more relaxed, though. This is no ordinary heat pad, Sarah uses a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) mat which incorporates crystal, negative ion, and infrared therapies to provide a deep level of healing. She explains that it works by sending a low-level frequency throughout the body to recharge cells, speed recovery, and calm the central nervous system. It’s been scientifically proven to improve chronic pain conditions, ease inflammation, and improve immune response. Coupled with this, I’m wrapped up in a cosy weighted blanket, designed to provide a deep, constant pressure to aid relaxation and encourage better sleep. Never mind the treatment, I’m certain that a quick cat nap here would do me the world of good.

Before she begins applying the needles to my face and neck, Sarah attaches nasal cannulas to deliver activated oxygen while the treatment progresses. She explains that this helps to enhance the body’s repair mechanisms, improving digestion, metabolism, blood pressure, sleep and stress. Headphones are placed over my ears so that I can listen to meditative music as Sarah works her magic. While the needles are left to do their work, an LED light-therapy mask is placed over my face to stimulate collagen and elastin production. It feels as though I am lying in the warm sun, and with the sound of waves lapping the shore playing through my headphones, I imagine myself miles away on a tropical beach. The deep sense of relaxation is amplified by acupressure massage on my feet and hands, and, after the needles have been removed, Gua Sha facial massage. Finally, Sarah applies my personal prescription of ear seeds; a type of auriculotherapy, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, these tiny acupressure devices stimulate particular areas in the body. They look like jewelled piercings and apply constant pressure for up to five days. Sarah recommends squeezing each seed twice daily to apply additional pressure for an instant feeling of calm.

All too soon, my Boost is over. I feel utterly rested and my complexion is glowing. I float out of the salon feeling totally removed from the stresses of my manic Monday morning. The sense of Zen stays with me for days and several friends remark that I am looking well. It is no surprise that Sarah’s services are so sought after, and I’ll definitely be back.

The 45-minute treatment costs £120, but Fabric readers can enjoy an exclusive 20 per cent discount during August by quoting FABRIC20 when booking. Exclusive to Hershesons Belgravia. 8A West Halkin Street, SW1X (