Review: Ouronyx

Modus Ouronyx


This luxurious, doctor-led clinic is redefining the medical beauty space as the first global destination focused exclusively on non-surgical facial treatments. So what exactly is on offer?

Words by Katie Hutley

It’s said that there’s nothing new under the sun and, having been lucky enough to see inside some of London’s most prestigious aesthetic clinics in my time, I would have been inclined to agree; each has their point of difference and area of excellence, sure, but to offer something that really feels different – a tall order. And then along came Ouronyx. 

Modus Ouronyx

Tucked away on St. James’ Street, the entrance from street to reception felt, at first, more corporate than I was expecting – to the point where I even wondered if I’d got the right place. But once I was shown through to the clinic proper – aha, the penny dropped. More akin to a private members’ club than a clinic, the space is vast, light-filled, serene and so very stylish… bedecked in Italian marble and warm wood panelling, custom artworks (I adored the butterfly installation that literally flutters as you pass it on the stairs), and a bar where one would normally expect a reception desk to be.

This mission to provide something unique extends way beyond the surface level. Their philosophy blends psychology, analytic technology and a ‘less is always more’ approach to treatment; indeed, the services on offer here are limited compared to elsewhere – no medical-grade facials, no micro-needling – simply, an injectables-only approach to skin improvement that has been carefully, mindfully agreed upon between you and your doctor.

The process starts with a surprisingly in-depth psychological evaluation, with the aim of the exercise being to formulate a treatment plan that works from a personality point of view, as well as a physical one; meaning your feelings around what you want to achieve, how you’d like to look and how boldly (or not) you wish to go, are just as important as what your face itself is saying.

After completing said questionnaire upstairs in the lounge area, I’m led downstairs to the hub of the clinic – another beautifully considered space, this time with living walls and curved architecture, the centre point of which is a station with make up artists waiting to use specially formulated product that’s suitable for touching up any tell-tale needle punctures or bruises from your treatment before, say, going back to the office – a genius idea that speaks volumes about how well they understand their clientele and have taken their needs into account.

But first – the analysis. Never my favourite part of any aesthetics experience, due to a period of utter recklessness that saw me living in the Mediterranean for six years and applying facial sunscreen maybe twice. The result of that, plus hormones and genetics, is a face that, while relatively unscathed wrinkle-wise, is a positive Bayeux Tapestry of hyperpigmentation (“Mummy, why have you wiped chocolate on your face?” asked our youngest on a recent holiday – thanks pal). Throw in sleep deprivation, stress and a diet that leaves a lot to be desired and I’m feeling lacklustre, to say the least.

I needn’t have worried, as Dr Daniel is everything I want in an aesthetics doctor – vastly experienced, hilariously funny, incredibly warm, sensitive and yet still a straight-talker. We discuss treatment options for my pigmentation, but he’s honest enough to admit that the results will be a slow-burn situation that will require further treatments for optimal outcome, so… instant gratification-aholic that I am, I opt for some judiciously applied Botox and lip fi ller. After the usual ‘settling in period’ one would expect, I am thrilled with the results – my face is lighter, brighter and more youthful but, crucially, without being able to pinpoint why. (The quest to conquer the pigmentation continues, but I suspect it lies at the sharp end of an ablative laser, and until I pluck up the courage, that’s what foundation is for, right?) I skipped out in the street with my make up expertly applied, seriously impressed and quite smug in the knowledge that I’d been treated at the hottest new ticket in town.

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