Review: CACI SYNERGY at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé

Wind, rain, freezing temperatures, central heating, festive over-indulgence… None of these things have been kind to my skin. January is a pretty bleak month as it is, so it doesn’t take much more than a look in the mirror to send me screaming to my bed. It’s with this cheerful thought in mind that I head off to the Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé for a winter pick-me-up. I’m booked in for a CACI SYNERGY facial, commonly known as a ‘non-surgical face-lift’. Just what I need, frankly. 

CACI is not a new science, in fact, it’s celebrating its 30th birthday this year, but the technology is constantly being adapted and improved. I first encountered the brand over 10 years ago as I was approaching a milestone birthday, and yep, an even bigger milestone is coming up this year, so I’m turning to my old friend again for emergency help. This total skin rejuvenation treatment features all the benefits of the original ‘Lift’ treatment, but also incorporates new breakthrough S.P.E.D (Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery) technology that facilitates skin rejuvenation and facial toning. CACI SYNERGY is clinically proven to provide long lasting and quick results; trials show that wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 75 per cent and skin elasticity improved by up to 88 per cent.*

Lisa Franklin is an award-winning skincare expert, product developer and nutritionist, and her private clinic in Knightsbridge is possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever stepped foot inside. With comfy sofas, cool artwork, fresh flowers and even a fridge full of fizz, it’s more like a penthouse hotel suite than a clinic. Friendly staff instantly make me feel at home and I can see why Lisa has accrued such an army of fans. My treatment lasts for one blissful hour – it is so relaxing that I spend most of that time trying not to doze off (a fruitless task in the end). Gentle microcurrents are used to lift the muscles all around the face. An LED light is a new addition since my last CACI experience: Lisa explains that it will improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am reluctant to leave this little oasis come the end of the treatment, though I am eager to look in a mirror. I can already feel that my face feels firmer and more lifted. It is a noticeable improvement that lasts. A course of regular treatments is recommended for the most pronounced results, and for those who have particular issues, there are also targeted treatments for jowls, eyes and even hands. With a few months before my big birthday I’ll be lining up the treatments.

A single treatment costs £145. 251 Brompton Rd, SW3 (020 7752 0217;;