Put your Best Face Forward

Elaine Stoddart – Electrolysis Specialist

Having what you could euphemistically call a typical ‘English Rose’ complexion, I recently decided to take action and made an appointment with the Queen of veins, Harley Street-based Elaine Stoddart. It ain’t glamorous, but I know I’m not alone in wanting to banish my red nose for good. Elaine is exceptionally qualified and experienced, not to mention warm and reassuring, and I relax the moment I step into her bright practice room.

The history

What I didn’t know is that electrolysis has been around since 1875 . As laser and IPL treatments seem to get all the press these days, electrolysis has been quietly and successfully dealing with a multitude of skin complaints and blemishes, way beyond the typical hair removal treatments that are usually associated with it. Not just the spider veins on the face, but warts, skin tags, excessive hair – pretty much any kind of blemish you can think of, Elaine can zap away with her magic needle.

The treatment

My veins are tapped with an electrical current through a needle the size of an eyelash, and Elaine systematically works her way around my nose, stopping every so often for me to have a breather as I must be honest, it does smart a little. It’s such an accurate method, there’s very little healing to be done afterwards, and as Elaine herself says, why use a JCB digger to plant a daisy? While I am in the chair I also have some of the little white dots (sebaceous hyperplasia) around my eyes treated. These can be caused by using the wrong products, and also simply from things like sun-screen soaking into the pores. I also have a couple of rogue and very unwanted dark hairs that are swiftly dispatched.

After just one session I can see an immediate improvement.  It’s the perfect treatment if you are happy to be under a magnifying spotlight for a while, as Elaine tidies up your face and sets you back out onto Harley Street feeling a lot more confident and ready for that close-up.

The details

No 1, Harley Street, London W1G 9QD. Tel: 07526 233443

Prices and treatment list can be found at: www.elainestoddart.com.

Winner of Lux Life Heath, Beauty & Wellness Awards, Best Medical Aesthetics Practice 2019 – UK