Problem Hair Be Gone

Braliz Hair straightening at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa.

I have been cursed with natural corkscrew curls; no matter how many compliments I receive, I always dream of silky straight locks. But as tempting as the idea of a straightening treatment was, I could never quite reconcile myself with the harsh chemicals and the intensive heat treatment required. I was ecstatic, then, to hear about Braliz, a chemical-free Brazilian blow dry treatment that has recently launched in the UK, and I wasted no time in booking myself in to award-winning Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa – one of a handful of London salons offering the treatment.

5,000 sq ft of glistening pampering heaven awaited me as I was greeted by Mario, who has years of experience under his belt and a passion for finding and using only the best and most innovative cutting-edge treatments. As he talked me through the process, I knew I was in safe hands.

First up, a wash, then, section by small section, my locks were coated with the magic straightening spray. Mario explained that the beauty of Braliz is that it works from the inside of the hair follicle, without the need for formaldehyde as is generally the norm: the replenishing natural ingredients include Brazilian botanical bioactives (BBB), and guarana, cashew and Brazil nut oils. Couple this with the fact the products are all cruelty free and vegan and it’s clear they’re onto a winner.

Braliz hair straightening fabric review

After the product had been left to work its magic, my hair was thoroughly rinsed before Mario and another of his team got to work straightening very small sections of the hair with special heat-controlled straighteners. I have never had two stylists working on my hair at one time, and it felt fabulously indulgent. After 2.5 hours, my frizzy flyaway hair had been replaced with beautifully silky, sleek, straight locks.

Another bonus of the Braliz treatment, Mario assured me, was that you could wash your hair as soon as you wanted, unlike traditional treatments, where a three-day wait is necessary. I wasn’t sure I would be wanting to wash these gorgeous locks any time soon though; I was well and truly summer ready and excited to say goodbye to the usual heat and humidity induced frizz!

The treatment costs from £250 and is available at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa and selected UK salons. For more details on Braliz, see