Personal Stylist: February

Personal Stylist February Suzannah London

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Words by Liz Skone James

In this month’s personal stylist we take a look at luxury skincare BYNACHT, the new vacation wear fashion range by Suzannah London and we reveal the best Valentine’s fragrances.

Personal Stylist BYNACHT skincare


The Science of Beauty Sleep
How do you sleep? It’s usually easy to see when somebody isn’t getting enough sleep – their eyelids will appear puffy, they might have dark circles under their eyes and their skin will look dry and dull. And that’s no surprise, says Jessica Hoyer, founder of luxury skincare brand BYNACHT, since research and scientifi c studies have shown that skin renewal and regeneration happen almost exclusively at night and are activated and supported by high quality sleep. A business owner with a young family, Jessica found quality sleep hard to come by, and her skin duly suffered. She tells us; “I looked the way I felt. Eventually, I talked to dermatologists, neurologists and a sleep expert and learned that perfect skin and perfect sleep are inextricably linked. That one conditions the other. The idea for BYNACHT was born – literally from sleepless nights.” Working with her team of experts, Jessica has created a revolutionary skincare line incorporating a sophisticated delivery system that times the targeted release of actives directly to the skin using the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Active botanicals are combined with sleep promoting aromatherapeutic balms and oils to aid deep sleep at the same time as promoting skin renewal. We love Moonlit Meadows, an innovative moisturiser combining low and high molecular hyaluronic acids that not only intensely moisturise all skin layers but also create an invisible elastic barrier on the skin surface that prevents overnight moisture loss. Guaranteed to help you achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

£135 (


Personal Stylist Suzannah London For the first time, Suzannah has produced a collection that is designed to wear on holiday, what better excuse to book some winter sun?


Summer dreaming
It’s around this time of year when we reach peak winter saturation and start craving sunnier days. If you’re lucky enough to be heading for some winter sun, check out Fabric favourite Suzannah London’s brand new Vacation wear collection, which launches later this month. A first for the fashion designer, the collection was born out of requests from clients for looser, more casual and lightweight pieces with the customary Suzannah polish to wear whilst on holiday. It was a request she was only too happy to fulfil. The first Vacation wear collection has been inspired by Suzannah’s travels to Barbados, staying at the Cobblers Cove hotel. Here, the arty interiors, indulgent feel of luxury and the awe-inspiring natural beauty were a focal point, with motifs of palm fronds, flowers, and the emblematic gorgeous pink striped parasols all featuring in the designs. The motifs have been beautifully painted by British illustrator, Susannah Garrod and printed on crisp white cotton. Think floaty kaftan dresses, made in Italy, with a relaxed silhouette that easily translates from day-to-evening. Your holiday wardrobe, sorted in Suzannah style.

Prices range from £390 to £2,390 (



Personal Stylist Most Wanted Perfumes

1. Jo Malone Rose & Magnolia Cologne, £86 (
2. Ostens Rose Oil Insparta EDP, £135 (
3. NEST Lychee Rose EDP, £82 (
4. Parfums de Marly Delina, 30ml, £130 (
5. Edeniste Rose Fatale, £190 (