London’s First Wellbeing Playground

Don’t Miss: Paradise Now

If the feel of sand between your toes is already a distant memory, fear not: a 30-minute visit to Bompas & Parr’s latest installation promises to leave you feeling like you’ve just returned from a week-long holiday.

Running from 7-15 September at Eccleston Yards, Paradise Now is billed as London’s first wellbeing playground/a free urban outdoor spa. At its centre a monumental pink waterfall will allow guests to ‘bathe’ in mist enriched with energising minerals and extracts of raspberry leaf, aloe vera, chamomile and citrus.

Dunes of vitamin-infused, aromatherapy-scented pebbles will be used to create an immersive meditation zone, whilst a perpetual sunset comes in the form of an infrared light installation designed to boost endorphins and metabolism, and stimulate vitamin D production.

Even a trip to the bar will do you the world of good – London’s apparently nutrient-rich rainwater has been collected and filtered to be used in water infusions and water-based cocktails served by Water Sommeliers. No, you’re not dreaming – this is well worth the trip to Belgravia.

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