On Trial: Terra Hale

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like the last nine months have offered excuse after excuse to comfort eat, and, for me, that has resulted in piling on the pounds. Despite keeping up with an at-home exercise routine, I seem to have plateaued with my progress. I’ve been considering a personal trainer for a while, but I don’t fancy thundering around in my top floor conversion flat, and I really don’t want my fellow dog-walkers in the park laughing at my burpees! So I’m intrigued when a leaflet for a new PT studio called Terra Hale pops through my door, and not just because it’s offering a free taster session. Based right on Notting Hill Gate, it’s compact but packed full of equipment. Being a woman of increasing years as well as waistline, I can be prone to feeling like other people are judging me while I’m working out, so this is perfect for me. My trainer Marija and I chat about my goals before getting started. After just one session I’m hooked. It is easy to see the benefits of having Marija by my side – I am no longer alone in my quest to get stronger and lose weight. For the first month I book twice weekly sessions and every workout is different; weights, cardio, body-weight exercises, stretches… we cover it all. By the end of the month my stamina has improved and I’ve lost 5cm from my waist and 2cm from my thighs. But, actually, I get the most satisfaction from the realisation that I’m lifting heavier and heavier weights as the weeks go by – a sure sign that I am getting stronger. 

For prices and to book your free trial training session, call 020 3417 0027. 155 Notting Hill Gate, W11 (terrahale.com)