On Trial: StylSmile

It’s been a few years since I fell for Tom Pellereau’s StylPro (a nifty wash and blow dry system for make-up brushes) and it’s no gimmick – I’m still obsessed with spinning the grime from my tools now. So, I need no persuasion when it comes to trying The Apprentice 2011 finalist’s latest gizmo, an at home tooth whitening system that works without the use of hydrogen peroxide or abrasive cleansers.

Stylsmile Teeth Whitening

The StylSmile, which is dentist-approved and promises your money back if you don’t have whiter teeth in four weeks, consists of a sonic blue light toothbrush, special toothpaste containing a whitening ingredient called phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid (PAP) that is activated by blue light and a blue light accelerator and mouth tray.

I’m excited to unbox my kit when it arrives, and even more excited to get brushing – that’s definitely a first. With an impressive 32,000 sonic vibrations per minute the brush certainly feels like it’s doing something. Every thirty seconds a pulse reminds me to move to a different section of my mouth, and throughout, my teeth are exposed to the blue light that beams through the bristles. The toothpaste tastes pleasant and leaves my mouth feeling fresh.

Alongside brushing morning and evening, the instructions advise using the accelerator and mouth tray twice a week for 15 minutes. I squeeze toothpaste into the tray, insert over my teeth and turn on the activating blue accelerator light that plugs into my mouth (hoping all the while that nobody bursts in to find me looking like this). It’s not dignified, but it does seem to work.

Stylsmile teeth whitening

A month in and I’m a StylSmile convert. My teeth have that “just been to the hygienist” feel daily and they are perceptibly whiter. Impressive stuff.

The StylSmile Lighten Up kit costs £149.99 and includes the sonic toothbrush, two toothbrush heads, the blue light accelerator, mouth tray and one 75ml tube of StylSmile toothpaste (styltom.co.uk)