On Trial: Renata Nunes

I’ve been suffering from a general sense of malaise, a feeling of dissatisfaction… I’ve been getting stress headaches, not to mention achy shoulders from hunching over the laptop at the kitchen table. And I’m tired all the time; struggling to fall asleep and then resetting my alarm rather than going for a run in the mornings. I’m generally feeling a bit meh, and I know I’m not alone in that. If ever there was a time for self-care it is now, but who to call?

Renata Nunes comes highly recommended. A rare and wonderful being, she is not only a qualified physiotherapist, but also an acupuncturist and massage therapist with over 20 years of experience. One session with her combines the three therapies and promises multiple benefits. And best of all, she offers at-home treatments across London, even during lockdown (perfectly legitimately due to the fact that her physio qualification classifies her as a medical practitioner).

We chat in some detail about my health and mental state and Renata is gentle and reassuring. She settles me on my bed to begin the treatment, first applying needles to various carefully selected points, then moving on to gloriously relaxing massage. She uses cups on my back, to help to relieve tension and improve circulation. All too soon an hour is over, and Renata gently rouses me. That night sleep comes more easily than it has done in months, and I wake feeling refreshed with a clear head, and shoulders that no longer niggle. It seems certain that I will need Renata’s magic in the coming months; indeed, she is now permanently on speed-dial.

£150 for 60 minutes, £185 for 75 minutes and £225 for 90 minutes. Appointments throughout London zones 1-3 (07449 749006; rkntherapist.com)