On Trial: Dr Daniel Glass at The Dermatology Clinic London

Dr Daniel Glass at The Dermatology Clinic London

Words by Penny Clements

While you visit your doctor and dentist regularly, you might not have ever stepped foot inside a dermatologist’s room. Knowing when to see a skin specialist can be difficult because, let’s face it, spots happen, but when out of the blue my usually calm skin became irritated and acne prone, I knew I needed an intervention. Trying to keep things under control was becoming a daily battle and my skin had become reactive to products I had happily used for years. Frustrated with not being able to manage my unpredictable complexion, I made an appointment to see Harley Street-based Dr Daniel Glass.

Dr Glass has earned an impressive reputation amongst Londoners over the past ten years, thanks to his pragmatic, moderate approach to skincare. From eczema and acne, through to cancer, he can cover all bases – whatever your concern, he really does know everything there is to know about skin.

Like most firsts, the first dermatology visit feels like uncharted territory, involving lots of questions and uncertainty. I’m told it helps to go prepared, so I arrive armed with a photo diary and a list of the products and routines I’ve been using. Professional and reassuring – Dr Glass’ manner is the ideal blend of efficiency, knowledgeability and friendliness, which puts me instantly at ease. We start by running through some quick-fire questions to establish my overall concerns, exploring my medical and family history, lifestyle and health issues past and present. It is all relevant Dr Glass explains, even the issues that you think aren’t directly related to your skin. Next (and the bit I had been dreading the most) I am gently asked to go sans makeup for a closer skin assessment, in order to get a better understanding of what’s really going on. We chat some more afterwards, and armed with all of the pertinent information, Dr Glass makes some skincare recommendations that will work with my skin type, producing a three-month regimen that, with a little bit of routine, persistence and patience, should start seeing some great results.

Looking back, my overriding memory of that time is of being really self-conscious. I would wake up in the morning and my first thought would be ‘what is my skin going to be like today?’ I think that anyone who has experienced problem skin will know that feeling so well. That’s where Dr Glass at The Dermatology Clinic really helped – he’s there to find the best solutions for each and every individual and most importantly he’s helped me to take charge and regain skin confidence. Three months on, my skin has never looked better, and I’ve learnt so much along the way.

Consultations start from £260. 55 Harley Street, W1G (020 3280 2061; thedermatologyclinic.london)