On Trial: CoolTech

After a pesky injury years ago, I developed a habit of bearing more weight on one leg. Over time it led to an unsightly accumulation of fat on the outside of my left thigh. And despite correcting the overcompensation and working with PTs to tone and shape my body, I’ve been unable to shift that stubborn pocket. Until now, that is. CoolTech is, I’m told, an exciting way to treat subcutaneous fat in stubborn areas without the risks associated with liposuction, and with no scarring and zero downtime.

The initial consultation is undignified: I strip down to underwear, am measured, marked up and have hideously unflattering photos taken from all angles. Both thighs are going to be treated, with a focus on the larger left side. On the day, I’m re-measured and marked up, then freezing cold gel pads are applied to each of my thighs, before hand held applicators are used to create a vacuum and suck up the excess fat in those precisely measured areas. The sensation makes me squirm but it isn’t uncomfortable.

For 75 minutes, while my fat cells are literally frozen to death, I relax under a blanket with a book and a nice cuppa. Afterwards, my frozen thighs are massaged back into shape, and one of the applicators is reapplied to the left thigh, which requires more attention.

Six weeks later I can already see – and feel in my jeans – that the left thigh is noticeably slimmer, but the tape and the callipers at my follow up confirm it. As does the photographic evidence. I’ve lost centimetres from both sides, and results are likely to improve over the next six weeks. Bring on beach season.

We trialled CoolTech at The Clinic by Dr Mayoni, for details of your nearest clinic, see cooltechclinic.co.uk/clinic-finder/