Could This be the Diet You Were Looking For?

The Metabolic Balance Diet

Meeting Gloria Parfitt at The Hale Clinic, my hopes are high. Having discovered the secret behind the notable weight loss of a well known Insta celeb (nope, sorry, my lips are sealed…), I was optimistic that if anyone could reverse my weight gain, she could. As the country’s leading practitioner in – and success story herself of – Germany’s Metabolic Balance diet, Gloria’s enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. She explains to me the principles behind the diet; that everyone’s needs are unique, so it’s little wonder that ‘one size fits all’ diets vary so wildly in their success rates. After my blood tests have been analysed, I will be given a personalised plan of permissible foods and a meal plan, plus a set of rules that will set me up for success. These include leaving at least five hours between meals, no eating after 9pm, and choosing a different protein for each meal – they’re firm rules, but the list isn’t long, and I’m delighted to see my favourite smoked fish and avocado feature on my list, and a host of yummy meal ideas immediately present themselves.

The detox

All this, however, after Phase One – the detox. This is seriously strict: absolutely nothing but your choice of vegetables, rice or potatoes,
but it only lasts for two days, and even I can handle a bit of hardship for 48 hours. There is also the Epsom salts element, but frankly the less said about that the better, apart from the sage and sorely learnt imperative to NOT leave the house for an entire day of car shopping immediately after taking them…

Balance the scales

Phase Two lasts for 14 days, during which I discover myself on more intimate terms with my kitchen scales than I’d have previously thought possible, and portions aren’t large; however, the effects of the… well, metabolic balancing, I guess, are almost immediate, and after a couple of days I find I’m barely hungry at all, despite eating extremely modestly. Before long it’s time for Phase Three, which is ongoing. It isn’t vastly different from Phase Two but does have one vital modification – the inclusion of a treat meal of your choosing once a week. This not only provides a regular kick start to the metabolism, but – essentially – provides psychological relief, helping even the most faddy of dieters to stay the course.

The verdict

So, what’s the verdict? Well, at 12 days in I’ve already shifted half a stone, which I’m delighted about. But despite this, Metabolic Balance is no ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ quick fix. Gloria talks of aiming for around 3-4 lbs of weight loss per week, which is reassuringly steady and sensible, and with my energy levels soaring and my appetite well and truly under control, I’m feeling genuinely excited about continuing.

A programme of six sessions with Gloria, providing three months support (including blood analysis) costs £860. The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, W1B (07727 455505;