Get in and get out

When I was promised an intense workout that in just 20 minutes achieves the same results as an hour-long session, I looked up from my doughnut and gave it some serious thought. Several weeks later I put that thought into action and arrived at the Powervibe Fitness Studio in Notting Hill. Armed with nothing more than a bottle of water and a bucket-load of trepidation I stepped onto a power-plate and the torture, I mean fun, began.

Ronnie, my trainer for the session, and director of Powervibe, has devised a new regime, the 20-minute Get In, Get Out (GIGO) Power Plate workout that integrates with existing training equipment such as kettlebells and exercise bands. Designed to shape and sculpt the body, it’s ideal for those who are short on time but don’t want to compromise on results. Frankly, that’s most of us, and I’m keen to see if 20 minutes could really make a difference. Each position, working different parts of the body, lasts just one minute, and every one feels that bit harder when you’re vibrating at top speed. We do a series of well-known moves such as squats, leg-lifts and push ups, like a mini circuit session. This is intense stuff, but Ronnie is so encouraging, I just grit my teeth (harder than you’d think when vibrating at high velocity) and get on with it. The next day I’m aching all over, but relieved to know my muscles haven’t disappeared entirely over my lazy louche summer.

It’s different, it’s fun and it’s over mercifully quickly. In my time-stretched, working mum life it’s very easy to say I can’t fit exercise in, but I think these excuses have just met their nemesis. Where do I sign up?

Prices start from £25 a session and great value package options are available. 1 All Saints Road, W11 (020 7229 9614;