Floatfit Yoga

As the morning of my AquaPhysical yoga class dawns, I’m wondering what on earth possessed me to sign up. Yoga on a float? If my graceless attempts to mount the inflatable flamingo on holiday in Sardinia last summer are anything to go by, I’m destined to spend the whole session in the water. But the specially engineered AquaBase is no ordinary float: the low impact exercise platform is the world’s first floating exercise mat and it has been designed to work with the movement of water to challenge users’ imbalances, helping to build core muscle strength and improve concentration. Sounds good, as does the recovery brunch being offered in Brumus Restaurant after the class. And in the absence of a Provençal pool or a clear Caribbean sea, the Haymarket Hotel’s sparkling subterranean pool is a pretty magical place to try it out (not to mention the only place in the world that classes are currently available). In fact, we’re required to swim to our AquaBase, so, wet already, the fear of falling is slightly lessened. But that doesn’t make it any easier – on water, even child’s pose requires serious effort. As we run through sequences that would be straightforward in a studio, I can feel every muscle straining and I know that I’m going to pay the price for my exertions the next day. This is an exhilarating experience and the final moments of mindfulness and guided breathing are particularly relaxing with the sound of the water lapping around us. I have definitely earned my crushed avocado on rye and green juice.

FloatFit YOGA will run on alternating Saturday mornings alongside FloatFit HIIT classes, from 8 April, with 30-minute classes at 9am and 10am. £35 per person including brunch. 1 Suffolk Place, SW1Y (aquaphysical.com; firmdalehotels.com)