Fitness: Pedal Power

How do you fancy investing in a piece of at-home fitness kit that’s designed to give you a great workout in just 40 seconds? Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, right? Amazingly, it’s not. Promising to change the way you exercise forever, the new CAR.O.L AI HIIT bike has been scientifically proven to do just that. The ground-breaking bike uses an initial body scan to help build a personalised data picture, and incorporates cutting edge technology – including a screen monitor, heart rate monitor and the most accurate ergometer on the market – to give a truly personalised and optimised ride. The benefits of one short ride are equivalent to a 45-minute jog or an hour-long spin class, so you’ll need only three nine-minute sessions a week (including warm up, two, admittedly brutal, 20-second sprints, and a cool down) on this sleek piece of machinery to lose weight, and get fit and healthy. Beats running in the rain.

CAR.O.L Bike + 1 year free subscription, £2,995 (