Fighting Fit at BXR London

Made a pledge to invest more time in your fitness this year?

Before you sign up to a class package you might not use, check out this forecast on the future of fitness from James Pisano, fitness director of Sweat by BXR: “HIIT classes may take a hit this year: many people jump straight in, taking classes back-to-back and giving their bodies precious little time to recover. With the high impact nature of the exercises performed, it’s no surprise we have seen an increase in the number of associated injuries.

Personalised sessions

More important is to follow a balanced exercise programme, incorporating appropriate recovery time and low-impact exercises. Group exercise is here to stay, but we expect to see providers offering smaller, more personalised sessions that bridge the gap between group and personal training.

Feel the burn

We’ve introduced classes using the VersaClimber machine, which, with its 75-degree vertical rail, mimics the natural motion of climbing and is specifically designed to activate all major muscle groups, whilst improving posture and balance. Much safer than spin, which can result in lower back problems, you’ll also burn 22.3 calories per minute, compared with cycling, which burns 13-14.

Train like an athlete

Additionally, we anticipate more demand for training like an athlete through sports-specific workouts. Benefits include injury prevention, improved speed, endurance and performance, as well as increased energy levels.”

For more details on BXR, the world’s first high-end boxing gym, see Chiltern Street, W1U (020 3146 3436)