Fabric Recommends: Dr Anne Mendelovici

Months of video meetings and virtual catch ups, both socially and for work, have meant I’ve spent much time scrutinising my own face. I know there are tricks to improve my appearance – better lighting and screen positioning, for starters – but all I can focus on are the faults on my face. The ageing seems to be taking place in front of my eyes. I already have a good skincare routine in place, so it feels like I might need some extra help.

I bump into an old school friend and can’t help but notice how great (read: young) she looks. She lets me into her secret: Dr Anne Mendelovici. A specialist in the use of injectables and skin rejuvenation, French-born Dr Mendelovici worked for 15 years in Dr Sebagh’s London clinic, making a name for herself as one of the Capital’s most highly respected cosmetic doctors. She’s now set up her own clinic on Wimpole Street, and I manage to book an appointment when restrictions allow.

It’s never a comfortable experience having someone scrutinise your face, especially when they are highlighting the areas that could do with a tweak, but somehow this doesn’t feel in the slightest bit critical. The approach is grounding and supportive. As we look in the mirror, Dr Mendelovici points out that one side of my neck has a more pronounced muscle than the other, something I had never noticed. She recommends Botox to even the appearance of this out, and also in my frown lines. After a single treatment I can’t even see the imbalance, and my wrinkles are vastly improved. I didn’t even know you could have Botox in your neck, but I think this is going to be a real game-changer for me. Bring on those virtual meetings…

Botox from £300. 18 Wimpole Street, W1G, (07901 206846; drmendelovici.com)