Dr Bob Khanna - the Doctor's Choice

Have you ever considered non-surgical tweakments? Introducing the Doctors choice, Dr Bob Khanna.

Dr Bob Khanna, a Cosmetic Dentist and Leading Facial Aesthetic Practitioner, is the Clinical Director of the Dr. Bob Khanna Training Institute and DrBK Clinics in Reading and on the well-known Harley Street, in the heart of the UK’s capital. Behind the scenes, Dr Bob is a family man and philanthropist, raising thousands of pounds every year for UK charities through his Annual IAAFA Charity Ball.

For over 25 years, Dr. Bob Khanna has been delivering clinical excellence for patients using a range of the latest non-invasive techniques and a holistic approach tailored to each individual patient. He was the first dental surgeon in the world to embrace facial aesthetics procedures, including full face transformations, non-surgical facelifts, body contouring and advanced dermal filler procedures.

Highly respected in the field of Aesthetics, Bob has authored numerous offline/online articles and webinars and he has also been featured in local, national, and international media outlets. He has featured on many cosmetic surgery related television documentaries, including ‘Cosmetic Surgery Live’ (Channel 5), ‘The Ruby Wax Show’ (BBC one) and ‘Silicone Chicks’ (Discovery Health). He also assisted in the launch of Sky televisions award-winning Nip-Tuck series with his major contribution in ‘Plastic Surgery Laid Bare’ (Sky One).

At his clinics, Dr. Bob Khanna offers cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics, and body contouring. He even has his own medical grade skincare, DrBK SKIN, formulated for the treatment of all common skin complaints (such as acne, wrinkles, pigmentation etc). Some of his most popular treatments include personalized smile makeovers, his trademarked HeartLips® and his various techniques for non-surgical facelifts.


Dr Bob Khanna has an international reputation for treating doctors all over the world, as well as teaching them. Therefore, he has the unique distinction of being the “Doctor’s Choice” for aesthetic treatments.

Due to his incredible reputation and achievements, Dr Bob Khanna was appointed Professor of Facial Aesthetics at the University of Sevilla in 2012, and is also regularly an invited speaker or chairman at the biggest major aesthetic conferences around the world. As well as being one of the most respected clinicians globally, Dr Bob also runs a prestigious training institute in the UK, teaching fellow medical professionals his unique concepts and techniques for mastering non-surgical treatments. His globally recognized Training Institute was named the UK’s first training provider of Medical Aesthetics in the UK, to be approved by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). Recently he has also been invited to be a Professor at the University of Vienna to teach Doctors from around the world on the coveted Masters degree in aesthetic medicine.

Bringing New Technologies and Treatments to the UK

Dr Bob is well known for seeking out the most effective non-surgical devices, bringing them to the UK and implementing them into his clinics. The T-Shape 2 and B-Force muscle toning machines are two of the clinic’s newest devices intended for body contouring.


The T-Shape2 uses a simultaneous combination of low-power laser, multipolar radiofrequency, endodermic massage with vacuum suction, and micro vibration. What does this all mean? It means that this one device is basically is able to offer results not seen before, outside of surgical treatments. It’s best features are its ability to reduce cellulite, tighten and improve the elasticity of skin and of course, reduce fat cells. Paired with the incredible new B-Force machine; the latest and most effective muscle-toning device in the world, DrBK Clinic is the perfect place to be if you’re wanting to sculpt your silhouette.