The Solution to Your Hair and Scalp Issues

Daniel Galvin Hair and Scalp Clinic.

They say that hair is a woman’s ultimate beauty asset, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from hair loss, which somewhat diminishes my crowning glory. It’s something I’ve learnt to live with, but I can’t help but feel intrigued when I hear about the Daniel Galvin Hair and Scalp Clinic at their flagship salon in George Street. Iconic stylist David Felstead, who has spent the last ten years specialising in hair and scalp conditions, heads it up, offering a tailor-made approach to identifying and resolving problems. If anybody can help me, he can.

And the moment I arrive, I’m glad I made the appointment: from the welcoming team to the stylish surrounds, it has to be one of the nicest salons I’ve ever stepped foot in. I can’t help peeking around to see if I can spot any famous faces (in fact, I can barely take my eyes off the doors the whole time I’m there, convinced that somebody notable will walk in – it’s just that sort of place).


David begins with an in-depth consultation, chatting to me about my hair and how I look after it and style it. Then comes the techy bit: he uses a trichoscope – a cutting edge digital microscope – to study the scalp, hair shaft and the hair itself in the very finest detail. The bad news is that there’s not much to be done for my sort of hair loss, which is most likely genetic (although it is reassuring to know that there is nothing more sinister to blame). There are, however, things I can do to slow it down, including not washing it as often – hello dry shampoo, my new friend – and ways to style my hair that will improve its appearance while protecting it from damage.

David also recommends supplements which will improve the general health of my hair and scalp. He then sets to work cutting and styling my hair in a way which will be easy for me to care for at home, while giving the impression of greater body. And for the first time in my life, I walk home with the bouncy, ‘just walked out of a salon’ hair do I’ve always dreamed of. I will be back.

58-60 George Street, W1U (020 7486 9661;

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