Is This the Fastest Hair Cut in Town?

Fabric Recommends: Chop-Chop

I love that you only need to check in for Eurostar half an hour before departure, yet I always seem to find myself with time to kill in the departure lounge (the need to allow plenty of contingency time when travelling was drilled into me by the least laid back of parents). So it is with great excitement that, having passed through security, I discover Chop-Chop’s latest pop-up. Offering 20-minute appointments at £20 a pop, since it launched in Old Street earlier this year Chop-Chop has gained a reputation for luxury on-the-go hair styling and cutting.

I grab a coffee and a magazine then stick my head into the salon pod to enquire about walk in availability. I’m in luck, and seconds later I’m settling into the chair in preparation for my transformation. I’ve never been brave enough to try a dry cut before, though I’ve often thought that as a method it makes much more sense, after all, how can a stylist see exactly what your hair is like wet? And reviews of Chop-Chop’s service have been unanimously good, so I don’t have to think twice about giving it a go (I’ve been struggling to find time for a salon appointment for weeks and I’m keen to look good for an appointment in Paris later that evening).

My stylist is chatty and interesting, and in the blink of an eye the cut is finished. It’s quiet so she offers to curl my poker straight do for free. This really is shaping up to be a good day. Half an hour later I’m seated on the train, admiring my new hair reflected in the window. Chop-Chop is a brilliant concept, I’m only sorry I didn’t try one of the other pop-ups sooner.

Chop-Chop can currently be found at Old Street Station, opposite Urban Outfitters in Westfield and in the Eurostar departures lounge at St. Pancras International. For more information, and to book, see