On Trial: BYONIK

I’ve tried many an unusual treatment in the line of work, but a laser facial that’s triggered by my heartbeat is a new one. It’s been developed in conjunction with NASA scientists and is being offered at the ultra-slick Cosmesurge clinic on Harley Street, though, so I’m reassured that it’s not just a gimmick.

BYONIK is laser technology that is used with hyaluronic acid gels to stimulate cell metabolism and improve cellular function – effectively reversing the signs of ageing at a cellular level. Each treatment is personalisedto the individual’s skin goals – whether that be reversing sun damage, hydrating dry skin, improving the appearance of fine lines or minimising the appearance of scarring. And all of this with no downtime.


My therapist explains that as every body is unique, each cell differs in its absorption capacity and behaviour. This new technology synchronises dual laser wavelengths with the heartbeat – this is significant because skin cells have been shown to be more receptive to the osmosis process just before the heart beats. The pulse-triggered technology means that the cells are able to much more effectively absorb the hyaluronic acid and antioxidants used during the treatment.

Don’t be put off by all the tech talk though, this might be science, but it feels more spa-like. The pulse oximeter finger probe is attached and I’m settled onto a comfortable bed and wrapped up in a blanket. My face is thoroughly cleansed to remove all traces of dirt and oils, and a very mild peel is applied. Next up, the laser. Hyaluronic acid is massaged into my skin and the probes are passed over my face. It is warming and thoroughly relaxing. I don’t want the treatment to end, but all too soon it does. I’m desperate to see the results, which are as impressive as I’d been promised: my skin is plumper and my complexion clearer. I look fresh faced and healthy.
Treatment times are 45-60 minutes depending on skin type. Cosmesurge, 51 Harley Street, W1G (020 7436 1300; byonik.net/en)