Bupa Global: Maintaining Family Wellbeing Amid Changing Routines

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The pandemic has blurred the divisions between work and home, and while this has its benefits, it is important to protect your wellbeing while working from home, say the experts at Bupa Global.


Assess what is needed for your wellbeing

Premium health insurer Bupa Global found in its Executive Wellbeing Index1 that over half of board level global executives do not plan to return to the same fast pace of life following the pandemic.

But as people start to return to the office and social calendars fill up, this could be hard to maintain, bringing with it risk of burnout. Working flexibly, working from home more often, or making a distinct separation between work and personal life could be key.

For Dr Luke James, Bupa Global’s Medical Director, it’s crucial to create clear boundaries at home. “Without steady schedules, the lines between work and personal time can get blurred and become stressful.

“When working from home, try scheduling in your ‘commute time’ and spend it exercising, reading or listening to music before logging in. And, importantly, when your workday stops, stop working. Stop checking emails and focus on your home life. And at the end of the day, try to get to bed at your usual time.”

Have difficult conversations on neutral ground

Bupa Global’s research among high net worth parents found that nearly one in five (18%) saw signs of anxiety in their families during lockdown.

Children’s concerns about changing routines, busy schedules, exams or rumours from the playground shouldn’t be dismissed. For parents who recognise signs of stress and anxiety, early intervention is key. Avoid their bedroom and find a neutral space – such as an early evening walk – to open up the conversation.

“Be sure to let them properly process the chat,” advises Dr Naveen Puri, Bupa Global Lead Physician, who suggests to “let them know you’re always there if they want to talk to you.” Encourage them to not bottle up their worries, however big or small, and offer them reassurance when they do open up to you.

Bupa Global’s approach to mental health support

Bupa Global’s purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. To support this, they have removed both annual and monetary limits across plans for in-patient and day-patient mental health treatment (up to the annual maximum limit of your chosen plan).

For more information about Bupa Global premium health plans visit bupaglobal.com/withyou or talk to the Private Client team today on 0333 920 3062.

1. According to Bupa Global’s Executive Wellbeing Index, conducted by Opinium Research in July and August 2020 among 450 Global high net worth individuals defined as those with over £1 million (or market currency equivalent) in annual salary and investable assets.
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