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Let’s Face It

The best of at-home beauty tech

Words by Becky Pomfret

At-home beauty devices have become very popular recently. While we live increasingly busy lives, anything that saves us time and money is a priority

While the initial investment in at-home beauty devices may seem high, over time they can be more cost-effective than visiting a salon or spa for similar treatments.

Conveniently performing beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home can eliminate the need for frequent salon or spa visits, and advancements in technology have led to the development of at-home beauty devices that are increasingly effective and user-friendly. These devices often incorporate innovative features and technologies previously only available in professional settings, so it’s no wonder more and more people are adding these to their wish-lists.

We look at some of the devices we’d love to have in our bathroom cabinets:

Foreo’s BEARTM 2

Foreo’s BEARTM 2 is a safe, painless, and non-invasive alternative to facelift and Botox. A small hand-held device that sits prettily on a bathroom shelf, it’s clinically proven to significantly improve deep wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness and elasticity in just one week, without any potential complication involved in invasive cosmetic procedures. With unique patented technologies that help to stimulate your body’s natural processes, BEARTM 2 features four revolutionary types of microcurrent: Advanced MicrocurrentTM, Lifting MicrocurrentTM, Tapping MicrocurrentTM and Sculpting MicrocurrentTM ,with each one having a specific list of benefits. It uses strong microcurrent technology to target and tone the 69 muscles that are directly related to your skin in your face and neck, and takes just a few minutes to treat the whole face and neck area.
£379 foreo.com

Foreo Bear 2



Lightinderm is revolutionary French beauty tech innovation that goes beyond LED, and beyond cosmetics. Lightinderm provides clinical grade and scientifically proven advanced solutions to effectively repair and rejuvenate the skin safely at home. Combining light and actives, Lightinderm enters another dimension of cellular response at a DNA level, with actives activated by blue light to allow for DNA repair and skin reprogramming to aid skin longevity.  It’s a handheld device that acts as your personal dermatologist to precisely treat skincare concerns and targets focus areas such as wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, inflammation, and acne. Continuous use of Lightinderm aids the skin’s repair and regeneration process, working toward skin longevity so you can experience healthier looking and feeling skin for years to come.
£359 currentbody.com

Lightinderm Device Purity


Dr Rabia I-Shine

I-Shine Eye Cream is a hydrating and brightening eye product with an innovative applicator tip that uses vibrations and micro current technology to improve microcirculation, thus depuffing the eye area and enhancing absorption of the active ingredients. It’s a hybrid product combining technology and skincare, an eye cream with a microcurrent applicator (powered by a battery that will last for around 3 months). With just a few swipes around the eye, it deals with puffiness, lifts the eye contour and brightens the whole area. Taking no longer than it would using a simple finger, it’s a much more effective way of dispensing the cream, and a lot more fun.
£75 skinw1.com

Skin W1 Eye Cream


Polished  London Teeth Whitening Kit

The award-winning Polished London teeth whitening kit combines advanced LED Dual Light Technology and an enamel-safe, peroxide-free PAP formula that has been developed and tested by UK dental experts to provide an effective all-in-one teeth whitening treatment and oral hygiene treatment with zero sensitivity.

The technology breaks down and removes stains from the surface of your front teeth, effectively lightening them with each application. The whitening kit has been carefully formulated to begin to brighten teeth after just one treatment by removing staining caused by coffee, red wine, tobacco and other factors that may cause discolouration. Treatment times of just 10 to 15 minutes make it a quick and convenient addition to your daily oral care routine.
Polished London Teeth Whitening Kit, £49.99, available from polishedlondon.com

Polished Teeth Whitening Kit



ZIIP HALO is a facial microcurrent device that offers both an immediate lift and lasting anti-ageing results, thanks to its secret superpower, nano current. Microcurrent works on a muscular level, stimulating the muscles to contract and relax (just like in a workout) for that instant result. Nano current waveforms, which are unique to ZIIP, work their magic on a cellular level, rejuvenating and repairing from within. After six weeks of treatments, you can see the full benefits of the ‘HALO EFFECT’ – glowing skin, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a balanced, toned complexion. The immediate lifted, contoured appearance and smoothed fine lines can last for up to 72 hours, perfect for a weekend away.
£379  – currentbody.com

Zip Halo

Foreo LUNA™ Mini

The answer to all your skin problems has to be with how clean your face is. All the serums and creams in the world won’t work if they are layered onto skin that hasn’t been cleansed throughly. Step in LUNA™ 4 Mini using T-Sonic™ massage to effortlessly deep clean pores, while exfoliating dull skin. With thicker touchpoints to target the oiler T-zone area, and thinner touchpoints to gently cleanse the rest of the face, this device is an essential for any skincare enthusiast. Also comes in a range of pretty colours, so this can stand proud in your bathroom.
£189  – foreo.com

Foreo Luna 4 Mini