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The average person has tried 61 diets by the age of 45. Which is why personal trainer Max Lowery is passionate about adopting a sustainable lifestyle that helps to burn fat, boost energy levels and get fitter faster. He reveals his secret – the two-meal day – in his new book. Packed with advice, recipes and exercises, it’s the ultimate guide to losing fat fast. He says, “people may have reservations about intermittent fasting, largely due to misinformation.” Here are the three most common misconceptions:

Myth #1: fasting slows metabolism
“The opposite is true. Lower insulin levels, higher growth-hormone levels and increased norepinephrine all increase the breakdown of fat and facilitate its use for energy. Studies suggest that your metabolism only slows down after 72 hours without food.”

Myth #2: fasting = starvation
“There is a vast difference between fasting and starving. Starvation only occurs once you run out of stored body fat to use as energy. The goal of fasting is not to calorie restrict, but to restrict meal frequency by extending the time between the last meal one day and the first meal the next. In the fasted state you are burning stored body fat as energy. When you eat, you eat until you are full, enjoying every bite!”

Myth #3: muscles will waste away
“One of the main benefits is the effect on growth hormone in the blood, which can increase by up to five times. This facilitates fat burning, aids muscle building and prevents muscle wastage when supported by the nutrients provided by your two meals.” The 2-Meal Day, published by Kyle Books, is out in paperback now, priced £14.99 (