FABRIC RECOMMENDS: Ana Trida Lymphatic Drainage and Modelling Massage

I have booked an at home appointment with therapist Ana, and I can’t wait; it is longer than I care to remember since I last enjoyed a massage. This is no ordinary massage though – Ana is a specialist in lymphatic drainage (she originally trained as a nurse, working in oncology and bone marrow transplantation) and has been recommended to me as I’ve been feeling sluggish and bloated, as well as generally run down. And while it might sound purely functional, I’m promised a treatment that is as restorative as it is hardworking.

Ana is punctual and professional, and her warmth immediately puts me at ease. She sets up in the bedroom, following the various Covid-safe protocols, and afterwards we go through a quick consultation. She asks me various questions about my general health and wellbeing and explains that she will start by using gentle pressure designed to stimulate the lymphatic system to work better, eliminating excess fluid and toxins, strengthening the immune system, increasing oxygen supply to tissues, and improving circulation. Afterwards, she will move on to the firmer pressure of the modelling techniques, which will relax the muscles, improve the appearance of my skin, and help with body tone.

With soft music playing, I feel like I am in a spa. The massage is gentle and oh-so relaxing, and I almost drift off. It is such a joy to experience this kind of human touch after so long. All too soon it is over. I am left feeling light and energised. Ana has taken before and after photos of my stomach to illustrate the benefits of the modelling techniques and the difference is staggering (and gets even more pronounced over the next 24 hours). It’s no exaggeration to say Ana is a miracle worker; I can’t wait to see her again.

From £200. For details, and to book, see anatridatherapist.co.uk