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Get Christmas Party Ready with ABG Lab’s MESOSCULPT C71® Treatment

For those of us looking for a little facial boost before the festive season is upon us, look no further than an appointment with celebrity doctor, Dr Aamer Khan in his Wimpole Street treatment rooms.

Words by Becky Pomfret

Offering a full range of aesthetic treatments in his clinic, one of the newest kids on the block is ABG Lab’s MESOSCULPT C71® – a regenerative skin therapy based on the principles of mesotherapy.  Mesotherapy, a minimally invasive injection treatment, has been around for a while, but the science behind this new treatment has elevated it to new levels.  Mesotherapy is a cosmetic technique that targets the connective tissue in the ‘mesoderm layer’. (Nb, if you’re wondering, ‘meso’ means ‘middle’ in Greek.) It works by stimulating cell repair with a combination of ingredients including antioxidants and vitamins and can have a miraculous impact on the way the skin both looks and feels. It helps to remodel and restructure the face by inhibiting the production of new fat cells, stimulating the breakdown of fat deposits, activating lymphatic drainage, and reducing production of new fat cells.


Dr Khan Dr Aamer Khan

MESOSCULPT contains ABG Lab’s proprietary peptide Meso-Wharton P199® that promotes the expression of growth factor genes which ultimately cause a cascade effect that results in epidermal stem cell differentiation and repair. The peptide doesn’t let the skin cells go to sleep as it sends constant signals preventing skin and stem cells from going dormant. Stimulating cells to function at a high level allows them to repair and reproduce efficiently, and this is what sets this specific treatment apart from so many others available.

Mesotherapy can be like a miracle remedy for some of the most stubborn and inhibiting cosmetic concerns around. It’s not just for fat loss and contouring, in fact it can tackle cellulite, uneven fatty deposits, wrinkles, stretch marks and even acne scarring. Simply by infusing the blood with a special concoction of nutrients and treating the skin problem from within.

“ABG Lab has launched an innovative and ground-breaking concept to the injectable arena. Their hybrid products, based on Stem Cell research, specifically target and activate cellular regeneration of the skin. What excites me is that they are backed by credible studies, and they offer a science based non-surgical solution for our patients, including older patients, in whom non-surgical options were previously less effective.”

Dr Aamer Khan


The best thing is there is little to no downtime. Around four treatments are recommended, one week apart, and each appointment last just a few minutes, no numbing cream required as it’s just a few little pricks, delivered in Dr Khan’s ultimate professional (and speedy) way.  Book up now as there’s time to make a start on the treatments in time for those Christmas party photos.