2024 engagement ring trends: 6 styles to impress

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2024 engagement ring trends

6 styles to impress

Words by Sam Mee

Engagement rings symbolise love, commitment and a lifelong journey together. The choice of engagement ring styles is still influenced by individual tastes and current fashions. As we head into next year, we can already see some 2024 engagement ring trends taking shape.

First, there’s a noticeable shift towards uniqueness and non-traditional choices. Shoppers are no longer looking for standard yellow gold or diamond engagement rings. Instead, today’s couples seek rings that symbolise their journey — making the market both varied and exciting. The style trends of 2024 are also paralleled by an increased awareness of ethical and sustainable sourcing. 

This guide will explore the latest engagement ring trends. From vibrant gemstones to the revival of antique designs, we have all you need to make the perfect choice for your big moment.

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1: Vibrant colours: green and yellow gemstones

In 2024, the surge of coloured gemstones in engagement rings is certain. We’re seeing green and yellow hues, particularly, leading the way. These vibrant colours offer a unique alternative to traditional white diamonds, adding a personal touch to any engagement ring style. 

Green gemstones, ranging from deep emerald shades to lighter peridots, symbolise growth and renewal. Yellow stones, such as sapphires and citrines, radiate warmth and optimism. Both are an ideal choice for couples looking to start their future together on a bright note. The pictured antique emerald engagement ring  is just under £4,000. 

Sam Mee, Lapada member and founder of The Antique Ring Boutique, adds: “I find the resurgence of green and yellow gemstone engagement rings both refreshing and symbolic. These colours not only offer a radiant alternative to the traditional, but they also carry deep meanings. Their popularity reflects a desire among couples to add personal significance to their special moment.”

2: Big is beautiful

There’s a definite shift towards large centre-stone rings. Prominent gemstones are increasingly popular — for many engagement ring buyers, it’s all about making the boldest statement possible. 

Opting for a larger stone allows for more intricate cuts and shapes. This enhances the ring’s brilliance and showcases the gemstone’s natural beauty. This engagement-ring trend caters to those who want a ring that’s not just a piece of jewellery — but also a conversation starter.

Celebrities have helped drive this trend. Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum got engaged last month and her button-back engagement ring, rumoured to be from London-based Jessica McCormack, is a whopping 7-carat cushion-cut diamond worth around £250,000. It was slightly bigger than Love Island’s Molly Mae Hague who had  a 6-carat oval-shaped diamond slipped on her finger in the summer.


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3: The surge of sapphires

The trend for couples preferring sapphires over other stones will grow stronger next year – driven by their durability and variety of hues. Google searches for sapphire engagement rings exceeded those for emeralds for the first time last year and interest continues to climb.

Sapphires are usually known for their deep blue colour. But they also come in various shades, including vibrant yellow and even pink.

Their hardness holds up to everyday wear, and they hold a special significance as symbols of wisdom and nobility. This resurgence in popularity reflects a desire for rings that are both beautiful and practical.

Mee explains: “Sapphires have always held a special place in the hearts of jewellers and clients. What makes them particularly appealing is their durability and the rich spectrum of colours available. They resonate with those seeking a unique yet enduring symbol of love, making them a popular choice for engagement rings in 2024.”

Queen Victoria Queen Victoria

4: The Victorian era

The charm of antique rings — particularly those from the Victorian era — is surfing a wave of popularity. These rings are treasured for their historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship. Victorian engagement rings often feature intricate designs, with motifs like flowers and hearts symbolising love and devotion. 

The use of coloured gemstones alongside diamonds was prevalent. Many opt for a serpent ring — the same engagement ring Prince Albert gave to Queen Victoria — now seen as one of the most romantic vintage engagement rings ever. 

According to Mee: “There’s a romantic allure to Victorian-era antique rings that is simply timeless. These pieces were crafted with an intricacy that is unparalleled in modern jewellery. The popularity of these rings lies in their unique ability to tell a story. Each piece is an heirloom, connecting us to a bygone romantic era that transcends fashion trends.”

5: Sustainability

Sustainability is a key consideration for shoppers in 2024. With an increasing number of couples seeking ethically sourced and eco-friendly engagement rings, we’re seeing buyers look beyond the surface level.

This trend involves using recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds and vintage jewellery. By avoiding the environmental cost of sourcing new materials, customers are reducing the ecological impact of their engagement ring.

Mee adds: “We’ve seen a growing preference for buying vintage and sustainable engagement rings. This trend reflects a conscientious shift in society, where couples are choosing rings that are ethically sourced or made with recycled materials. It’s a powerful way to ensure their love story contributes positively to the world.”

6: Large and lab-grown diamonds

Some things never go out of fashion. The allure of large diamonds continues, with their timeless elegance and unrivalled brilliance remaining a favourite. But it’s not only natural diamonds that are tempting buyers in 2024. In line with the sustainability trend, lab-grown diamonds are also gaining popularity. 

These diamonds offer the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds — but at a fraction of the environmental cost. They cater to those who seek the luxury of a large diamond while being conscious of their environmental footprint. Often, they can be bought cheaper than natural diamonds.

Mee explains: “The fascination with large diamonds in engagement rings is enduring. But we’re seeing a rising acceptance of lab-grown diamonds. These stones offer many of the same characteristics as mined diamonds but align with modern values. However, we still believe vintage and antique engagement rings – which have already been created – are the best sustainable choice.”

“Whether you’re drawn to a statement piece, historical charm or a particular gemstone, your engagement ring is a testament to your own story. Choose a ring that resonates with your personal style and values, and let it be a symbol of your love for years to come.” Sam Mee

Finding the perfect engagement ring

As we look ahead to 2024, engagement ring trends reflect a blend of tradition and modernity. From large and vivid jewels to the sustainable choices of antique pieces and lab-grown stones, these trends offer various options to express your commitment.