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A quarter century success

TK International

Words by Sophie Hampton

As TK International marks its 25th anniversary, we catch up with co-directors Jeremy Karpel and Daniel Epstein


Tell us about the history of TK International

We’ve been at the heart of Hampstead’s property market for 25 years. From our Heath Street offices, we market a wide spectrum of homes at all price levels for sale or rent in the area. Since opening our doors in October 1998 as Talisman Karpel, and subsequently changing our name to TK International in 2003, the Hampstead property market has witnessed significant changes, reflecting shifts in buyer preferences, economic dynamics, and societal trends. During times of upheaval, TK has been a constant: a safe and reliable port in what can sometimes be a stressful and complicated storm.

How has the market changed over 25 years?

When we started, the London property market looked quite different to today’s market. In the late 1990s, the average price for a mid-terrace Victorian house in Hampstead Village was around £750,000 – notably higher than the average London house price of £105,000. Compare this to 2023 and a similar property would set you back around £3.5 million –  with the present average London house priced at around £550,000.

Why is Hampstead (and surrounds) so popular?

As the 21st century began, Hampstead had already been established for 200 years as a desirable enclave. Much of TK International’s property portfolio in Hampstead, Highgate and Belsize Park offers the perfect mix for today’s living requirements including cultural appeal, the allure of green spaces, historic architecture, and proximity to central London. Hampstead is a sanctuary in north London and has enormous appeal. Whether you’re a professional, a family requiring schools, solo-living, or perhaps looking to downsize, there’s a variety of property choices from modern homes to incredible period properties.

What makes TK so special?

Longevity, supported by ingrained experience and knowledge has helped to secure TK International’s respected position within this part of London’s prime residential market; after all, that’s to be expected as we’ve each worked nearly 40 years within the industry in Hampstead Village. There’s not a street, road, or avenue unfamiliar to us. We’re experts in making the right match to suit everyone’s style.

What are your predictions for the Hampstead market?

Hampstead property has held strong despite the 2008 global financial crisis, Brexit and Covid. In the years that followed 2008, TK International saw a quick and solid return, far greater than other London areas. Following the Covid pandemic we saw that outdoor areas were much more in demand than ever before within our fl at sales offering. Similarly, hybrid working has seen buyers looking at flats or houses to map out that extra space to use as home workspace. Looking to the next 25 years, future homeowners will want to ensure homes are sustainable and easy to run. But one thing remains constant: Hampstead was, is, and will always be in vogue as one of London’s most desirable areas.”

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