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Words by Sophie Hampton

TK International’s Laine Berry heads up the company’s management service, she tells us what’s on offer for landlords and comments on the outlook for the lettings market

I head up TK International’s management department, working alongside the lettings team. Many domestic and non-resident landlords, looking to optimise the potential that their property holds, are opting for our fully managed service. We oversee the property in a complete capacity, and cater for both long and short term lets, giving our clients total peace of mind. We also offer a rent collection service which allows us to collect the rent from the tenant, without overseeing the tenancy whilst it is ongoing.

The government continuously introduces new legislation for landlords, so it is vital to be fully compliant with the latest requirements; our department always has a finger on the pulse where this is concerned, enabling us to implement changes immediately. Because of this, we’re seeing more and more landlords upgrading to our fully managed service.

We provide a top tier, completely hands-on approach. Attention to detail is key, and we offer a number of added services, such as an out of hours team, an end of tenancy checklist for tenants, and full integration of checks for landlords. The rule that we adopt is that every landlord should have full peace of mind with every department at TK International, and within that we strive to ensure that the management department provides truly standout service.

As with all departments within the residential real estate industry, the current problem is lack of stock versus surprisingly high demand. When there are fluctuations in the mortgage market, buyers are understandably cautious about making long term financial commitments, and they often decide to wait out the uncertainty while renting. This adds extra pressure on landlords to make sure that their properties are in the best condition to attract and retain tenants. We believe this will be the case for the foreseeable future. Current hotspots continue to be NW3, NW8, W1, W5 and SW3.

Laine Berry Tk International

Lorraine Berry, Tk International