The Garden Effect

An agent’s view: Vivienne Harris

Taking into account that, for at least three quarters of the year, any outside space is hardly used, if at all, one may be forgiven for thinking that a garden, whilst an attractive feature, does not have a great bearing on the value of a property. This could not be further from the truth, as any outside space, in particular a beautiful garden, adds tremendously to the overall desirability of a property, both increasing the value and general allure.

Every spring and summer estate agents are flooded with a vast swathe of enquires requesting outdoor facilities of some description or another. Spacious roof terraces, patios, balconies and gardens are all the rage and it seems that the more enticing, the better kept and the most manicured, win in the popularity stakes hands down (or maybe green fingers up!).

The same applies whether for sales or lettings, with people of various age groups requiring alfresco space. For those with children it is obviously a good idea so that the youngsters can safely play outside, but equally there are the barbeque lovers; the sun worshippers; the pet owners and those with a love of nature; the herb and vegetable growers; those that delight in flowers, plants and trees; the serious gardeners and the ‘potter-abouters’. So if you do have an outside area, ensure that you make the most of it, keep it tended and well stocked, because in the long run it will prove a valuable asset in more ways than one.

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